MSI Prestige 15 Review - 10th Gen Laptops Are Here!


The MSI Prestige 15 is a new thin and light laptop featuring Intel’s latest 10th gen i7 CPU. In this detailed review I’ll cover everything from thermals, battery life, undervolting, gaming, content creation and more to help you decide if this laptop is worth it.

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31 replies
  1. Darshan P
    Darshan P says:

    Jarrod, correct me if I'm wrong; I think nobody handles 6 core intel monsters better than Lenovo's new (or slightly old idk) laptops! Y740 was so cool! I mean it hit the advertised max all core boost with temperature always under 90°C..

  2. Anthony Lee
    Anthony Lee says:

    Crazy performance for a low powered CPU, especially that single core score, so close or even on par to desktop CPUs!!
    BTW can i make a request? Can you review Xiaomi Mi gaming laptop 2019 model? I watched it from TechTablets' channel and impressed with its performance, especially the thermals. He said it's being sold only in China, but i think you should review this one.

  3. Matt Parlane
    Matt Parlane says:

    Oh my goodness that thing where your voice goes down at the end of every single sentence is so annoying. Seriously, listen to yourself — pretty sure once you hear it you won't be able to unhear it. Love your videos but please pay attention to how you're talking.

  4. PhoenixDC
    PhoenixDC says:

    Any hope for MSI Alpha 15 review? 😊 Curious about Rx5500m performance

    A Philippines based youtube channel has recently uploaded a video about it. It's launching there in mid Nov

  5. Dmitriy Gershkovich
    Dmitriy Gershkovich says:

    Thanks for a very thorough review! I am leaning toward the MSI Prestige 14, which I have on order. It's a shame that it gets the DDR3 RAM, unlike this one. Notebookcheck did test the 4K screen on that one and it got over 500 nits and it's a matte screen unlike the 4K on the 15, so that is swaying my decision, though the larger battery, DDR4 RAM and being only $100 more in the US with 32GB of RAM and 1TB of SSD makes 15 hard to turn down. Decisions, decisions….

  6. Grejp Kelj
    Grejp Kelj says:

    Thanks for the great review!
    As I can't find almost any other reviews of this laptop, I have a few questions. I'm looking for a fairly powerful lightweight laptop with good battery life for college, some gaming, and 3D modeling while still not being too expensive. Do you think this can handle strategy and city-building games at higher settings? Would you recommend this laptop or are there better (similarly priced) options?


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