Motorola Xoom Tablet Review


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After using the Xoom for a couple weeks we have the full review of the Motorola Xoom. The tablet is very nice and Honeycomb makes good use of a tablet layout. Watch the video for all the details and let me know what you think of the Xoom. Is it really a worthy competitor to iPad 2?

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37 replies
  1. Shawn Hax
    Shawn Hax says:

    "Nice", "nice experience", "nice feel to it", "nice heft to it", had I known you would categorize everything about this device as being "nice" I would have given it the top spot on my list of friendly tablets and in no way thought of it as a "mean" tablet. Nicely done review, you really are a NICE guy.

  2. Eddy Quinn
    Eddy Quinn says:

    I have a MZ604 – I went from inside the house out in to the sunlight. As the brightness was too strong I adjusted the brightness function to very dull which allowed me to see the screen without the glare – I was called away and the unit ran out of power and closed down. Now when I boot the unit I cannot see the screen to log on – I have tried using a micro-hdmi cable to view the screen on my TV to no avail. I am prepared to factory reset the unit but cannot see the screen to go through this process. Is there a way to resent to factory settings from outside the unit with going through the power up + volume up option?

  3. Dennis McCarty
    Dennis McCarty says:

    You must really not like apple cause the my friend has the xoom and its really not that great. The iPad 2 is definitely better. The xoom feels like a weighs a ton! And the iPad just moves more smoother. The xoom is a good Android tablet, but is NOT better than the iPad 2!

  4. Mathias Kirkeng
    Mathias Kirkeng says:

    @TheSayWhatTube Tbh that is a very weak reason. The only difference is that the iPad has been out longer and because of that there are more apps, but that really isn't a good reason if it is about expensive things like these.


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