Motorola Xoom Review: 4G Android Tablet from Verizon


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We’ve got the Verizon Wireless 4G Motorola Xoom, and in this episode we give you a nice, thorough walkthrough of the device. We show you the hardware, alongside a look at Android 3.0 Honeycomb. Get a look at the music player, YouTube for Android tablets, the front and rear cameras, multitasking, widgets, and much more in our Xoom review.

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  1. Papabird96
    Papabird96 says:

    @sale666 Not all devices get it, but this one will since Google has choosen the Xoom to be the "Nexus" of tablets. Android updating is a severe problem that will be solved in the next update, Icecream Sandwich. I would say it is as fluid as the Ipad, but thats my experience.

  2. walter0bz
    walter0bz says:

    @bigbrowncheifbottom –
    .. for future kids who never learn the qwerty anachronism .. and if people demand open content *production* capable platforms, not closed content-*consumption* ones

  3. redhatcore
    redhatcore says:

    @CannibalTr0ll Cameras, a new Javascript engine, and a dual core processor and 33% thinner? I think you forgot a few specs that (you make say are unimportant), until you watch the Android vendors try to copy it for the next 11 months.

  4. ThemeIshere
    ThemeIshere says:

    @roelfvorster Sorry, but rock solid…my I podtouch froze regularly. And when Apple put their updated Ios which came with the Iphone 4 on the Iphone 3, the stability and performance went down massively. They sorted it out though, and so will Google. Just don't pretend that everything Apple does is perfect right from the start

  5. Roelf Vorster
    Roelf Vorster says:

    Looks like music crashed. I feels and looks like Microsoft – buggy. The first malware/virus apps made their way into the Adroid market (Reported by CNN). Google had to remove more that 20 of them and thats only the ones they know about. Apple just seem to thinks things though a little better when it comes to security. Android looks cool and I will give it a go, but I like smoothness and rock solid software with no crashes and virusses. Please sort it out Google and you will win me over.

  6. Aurelian
    Aurelian says:

    @AlexandTimmyable There will be a Wi-Fi version, but Motorola hasn't said when it comes to the US — my guess is sometime in the spring. It's expected to cost about $600 (about the same as a 32GB iPad).

  7. baitz4
    baitz4 says:

    @lamajensvoll Well I wasn't saying an iPad is exactly a bad comparison, I was simply mentioning the fact that the iPad is nearly a year old and they should try to compare it with other tablets that have release dates close to the Xoom such as the G-Slate, and what-not. Also if they were going to compare it to the iPad it would seem only fair to use the iPad 2 as a comparison rather than a device thats a whole generation behind.

  8. Lars Martin Jensvoll
    Lars Martin Jensvoll says:

    @baitz4 how would you NOT compare it to the iPad? it's not like the market is overrun by good tablet alternatives. i'm an android-guy myself, but of course i'm more interested in a comparision with the iPad than the other tablets i've never heard of…

  9. Vayshen
    Vayshen says:

    Hmmm…gonna have to wait with getting an Android tablet until more optimized apps come out for it and they fix the scrolling and zooming. It can't be the hardware excuse anymore, it's way ahead of the iPad but it's still nowhere near as smooth.
    The Flash excuse is also getting old, hopefully that is irrelevant now or in the future.
    The smooth navigation is a pretty big thing for me so I'll hold out.

  10. LeoZ
    LeoZ says:

    @Laucheehung Unless iOS makes a change in their terrible notification system, its a no go for me. QNX on the playbook still needs to be proven. From what I've seen it looks like it will be a battery hog. And still gotta get a better look at WebOS on the Touchpad. Its gonna be a good summer for tablets

  11. Todd Tabern
    Todd Tabern says:

    The Xoom isn't "4G Ready" with a firmware update… You have to send it to Moto for them to put in the 4G radio. And that won't be ready for about 90 days. What you stated in the video misleads people.

  12. LeoZ
    LeoZ says:

    @Laucheehung Interface is better than iOS and QNX. And this OS is still early. It will get better. Sometimes its better to not be an early adopter


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