Moto Z/Force Review!


Moto Z Force: Droid Edition and MotoMods!

Moto Z Force Droid:

dbrand skin:

Modular Smartphones, Explained:

Video Gear I use:

Intro Track: Ongoing Thing by 20syl, Oddisee




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  1. Nicholas Hartzler
    Nicholas Hartzler says:

    Its not actually smart that the ad on battery charges the internal battery… it should supply power directly. Charging a battery with a battery is at best a 20% loss of juice.

  2. Bayuaji Wijayanto
    Bayuaji Wijayanto says:

    I have the problem with blackscreen lol. I bought this phone about 2 months ago for USD 360. I never dropped the phone, never gets the phone wet, still shiny as new, never put my moto z on a tight jeans pocket and i took care this phone very carefully. and then, 2 days ago the screen goes black. luckly the phone is still responsive as the phone vibrates everytime i turned it On and Off and still asking for password to operates the phone but can't do anything since the screen goes black. i have 1 year warranty but the store rejects my warranty. because they said LCD does not include. wtf.

  3. Jane Doe
    Jane Doe says:

    the EULA is a serious rights violation… read carefully. I sent it back as soon as I turned it on. It forces you to agree to it in order to use it. great phone… from a shady corporation.

  4. Ruba Adwan
    Ruba Adwan says:

    After a year with this phone I can tell you it's the worst phone you can have! From a month till now I can't use it without a power bank or being plugged in the electricity! The moment I unplug it it's on 99% two mins later it's 92% if I try to use the camera the phone shuts down cuz the battery is dead! Plug it in again to charge, it says there's 60% and won't turn on again unless I keep it plugged. If I don't use the phone at all, the battery dies in two hours!! I'm really annoyed! And I'm never gonna buy the battery mode! I bought this phone for the cool modes but never again! I'm changing to Huawei.


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