Moshi - iVisor (100% bubble free Screen Protector Review For iPhone, iPad, iPod and Macbook Pro's)


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AppleGenius By The Sea reviews the Moshi iVisor for all Apple devices (iPhone iPad iPod and MacBooks Pro).The Moshi iVisor is 100% bubble free and washable making it a re-usable Screen Protector .It comes in two models XT which is the Crystal Clear and a AG model which is AntiGlare which reduces the reflection off the iPad screen so you can see better.



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  1. itsnunurbsnss
    itsnunurbsnss says:

    My iphone 6 screen protector cracked in less than a week after purchasing it.

    I didn't drop my phone not even once.  That screen protector is worse than Wafer!

    When contacting customer service i had to send like 4 different emails with pictures of the freaking cracks, my name on it, date, etc.  They gave me a coupon for a reduced price but i still had to pay $25 to get a replacement for a product that it's advertised as Lifetime warranty!!

    Not only that, i'm supposed to send the cracked screen protector back to them or they tell you that they will void the warranty on the replacement screen protector I'm still paying for…!  What the F… Moshi?

    What kind of awful product you are sending and what kind of awful customer service you are providing?

    Your products and your service are all BS to me.  I'm done with your company and i will always rate you as the worst.  And i have reasons and evidence to prove it.

    Thanks for NOTHING and for wasting my time and money!


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