Mini Review : Protab 7" Android 5.0 Lollipop Budget Tablet


A budget android tablet running lollipop. It’s quite a capable device on paper. But, is it any good in real-time usage? Let us find out. (Device is sold in Target Australia)



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  1. Sina Pokrajac Sandrić
    Sina Pokrajac Sandrić says:

    You said it was $69 or $29 I don't understand brother send me one from Australia. And he got $69.I could install Skype and Viber I have the 16GB.did you returned it back. Why didn't u get the blue one instead. I can't install WhatsApp.mine works OK for now.I don't know why they had front camera.

  2. Mickice
    Mickice says:

    Same as my SONY M4 Aqua, only 8GB internal means you can't install anything almost at all.
    I just got this tablet to watch Anime at work.

    Android could fix this if they allowed apps to run full off SD when installing and running.


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