Microsoft Surface Go Review: The iPad Alternative that Does So Much More!


This is our full review of the Microsoft Surface Go, which was released a few months back to compete with the 2018 iPad, is it something that you would want to buy? We find out.

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21 replies
  1. Alpha Delta X
    Alpha Delta X says:

    I also have bought the Surface Go after considering both iPad and the Surface. Now I don't have to carry a huge laptop around and instead can use my 8gb Surface Go for travels and work. iPad will never be a laptop

  2. karl peart
    karl peart says:

    I have the 4 gb version I disagree with you about the 8gb speed as most people will not be able to tell a difference between the two's performance as for the emmc storage on the base model I feel that most people will find this great as it's much faster than an HDD drive. As a photographer I use Adobe Photoshop elements 2019 and it works incredibly well. I'd rather buy an external SSD drive that way if your go gets stolen you won't lose all of your valuable pics/ documents etc

  3. BCKC
    BCKC says:

    The downside of this Surface Go is the screen size and the resolution they choose. The scaling out of the box is really bad. Everything looks very small in that tiny screen especially text. I have to look very close to the screen.
    You will find a very hard time reading text if you are typing on a desk with the type cover as if you are typing on a 14" laptop.


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