Mi Pad 4 Review 10 Months Later Still The Best


Xiaomi Mi Pad 4 after 10 months review, still the best 8″ Android tablet for the price. Where to buy unlocked bootloader and Xiaomi.eu ROM, also EU warehouse with 2 day free shipping: http://bit.ly/2LCU69k

Review spec:
Snapdragon 660, 4GB RAM, 64GB eMMC 5.1
Wireless AC, BT 5, 6000mAh battery
LTE (Nano sim) + MicroSD slot.
8″ 1920 x 1200 OGS IPS with 10 touch points
13MP F2.0 rear camera, front 5MP F2.2

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41 replies
  1. Weldon Young
    Weldon Young says:

    Chris, I agree an 8-inch tablet fits the hand perfectly & the 16:10 screen aspect ratio greatly improves usage possibilities. Got one of these without LTE & GPS about 6-months ago. Has a couple hardware problem (and I'm in N.America away from service centers): one speaker can barely be heard (not a game stopper); had the screen turn yellow along three edged after turning up the brightness close to maximum (degrade any possibility of presentation).
    Note you mentioned a flashed ROM, that's probably a good idea. I'm not impressed with the enclosed app preformance on my Xiaomi Mi Pad 4 International 4GB / 64GB.
    Even the camera (which doesn't protrude when use any kind of back or full cover), on my device can not do panoramic photos, and only third-party CameraMX makes full-sized panoramic. However, that is not my favorite or best camera app, I use HedgeCam 2 for its lack of white navigation bar & ability to lock in photo adjustments. Other notable cameras apps might be Camera HD + or Snap Camera.
    The last paragraph covers just the camera, I've have as much trouble trying to replace other pre-installed apps.
    But I must admit, that when an app works it does so quickly.
    Too bad, the only competition in 8-inch tablets is the Huawei MediaPad 5 or the 2017 Sansung Galaxy Tab A.

  2. WOrld1
    WOrld1 says:

    I liked since day 1, I wish I have around 200/250€ spare to buy it (maybe 10" version).
    For me it's the best mid range Android tablet.
    Too bad a lot of people repeat the usual "Buy iPad (any version), there's no Android good tablet".
    Well this is a good one and also Galaxy Tab S4 (if you have more money obv)

  3. Jesús IK 36
    Jesús IK 36 says:

    1:24 My MiPad 4+ has an incredible audio quality over headphones, my MiPad 1 too, my RN2, RN3 and RN5 too, buy my daily driver, the Mi Max 3 does not have a good audio quality. I don't know if it's my device or someone else is having low volume and distort sounds too.

  4. MK S
    MK S says:

    Hi Chris,
    Thank you for another great review.
    In May 2019 scenario, would you still get the Xiaomi Mi Pad 4 Plus instead of a Samsung Galaxy tab S5e?

  5. John Adam
    John Adam says:

    You are sold to companies long time a go and I have asked you but you Denied it anyway good video

    For the haters this is my opinion and when you wakeup one day you will see it too

  6. Setzer K
    Setzer K says:

    Hey man do a re review of the original mix 1. Its a lot better in 2019, android oreo, gesture navigation, portrait mode, multi tasking, etc. Honestly the display still holds up even now as does the battery.

  7. Darky R
    Darky R says:

    I bought this tablet around November last year, and I still use it daily till today.
    To put it in perspective, I used this tablet much more than I use my Nintendo switch which is a year old, as it's so much more versatile.
    Any school subject that doesn't require programming, is very easy convenient to study for using this tablet as I can load all the books and past papers to my Google drive and read it on the tablet comfortably.
    The viewing experience is great, not as good as an iPad I might add but it's definitely up there.
    And finally the battery life actually last me multiple days with my use case. If I spend a day binging shows or something it'll last me day on 1 charge.
    I don't play much games on it but the simple games I do play, it works extremely well.
    I too recommend this tablet, bought it from AliExpress black Friday for $175 inc shipping

  8. BMH
    BMH says:

    Tomorrow I am selling my mi pad 4. For the first time experienced how tablet works it was amazing I bought only to read manga and for Animes, now getting ipad 2018. Excited for mi pad 5

  9. E OB
    E OB says:

    The screen on mine turned yellow around the edges after 3 months. Apart from that i was fairly satisfied though and they replaced the screen in around an hour and a half in their service center. LTE signal is significantly worse for me than on my Huawei p20 with the same Sim but I get very good wifi signal and download speeds like mentioned in the review

  10. Unan1mouz
    Unan1mouz says:

    Will you consider reviewing the Teclast P80 Pro 3GB/32GB full HD screen version? Its quite cheap now less than USD100 and I want to know if its a good deal or not. I trust what you say and recommend!


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