Mi Note 10 Street Tech Review - Amazing Camera, Average Specs


Anytime, anywhere. Frankie Street Tech, OH YEAH! The Mi Note 10! Do amazing cameras make up for average specs? Hit me up with questions/comments and stay tuned for the full review and comparisons soon! #MiNote10 #Xiaomi #Frankietech

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31 replies
  1. Paul in Ireland
    Paul in Ireland says:

    I thought they banned you from hanging around that sex shop mate?😜😊☺️😅😂🤣 It's great to see you back Frankie just like the old days 👍👍👍 phone looks amazing but for the price here in Europe they really should have stuck a Snapdragon 855 in there, thanks for a great video as always mate.

  2. Pawan Mahajan
    Pawan Mahajan says:

    And please do some clickbaity thumbnails brother, nothing wrong in that and we believe you, you won't cross limits like others. Views has ultimate importance for increasing confidence to run channel👍

  3. Alan Barnes
    Alan Barnes says:

    If we look at the leaks from Samsung s11 camera we can see that xiaomi using the 730g for that sensor was a huge mistake, no super slow motion video and 8k 30fps ability because that CPU can't handle it.

  4. Macho Rodríguez
    Macho Rodríguez says:

    Frankie Tech I'm from New Jersey and I'm staying in Connecticut, howi can get in contact wit7h you like Instagram, Messenger or Facebook, I just would like to talk to you, if that's not a problem?


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