MARTIAN TECH! 🎵 A-1 Mars Curiosity Rover Footage 2019 Reviews for Sci Fi Tech Fans - COMMENTS OPEN!


A-1 MARS CURIOSITY ROVER PICTURES 2019 REVIEWS COMMENTS NOW OPEN! — SOL 938 — HEAT-RAY? MARS RELIGION? Best New Life on Mars Proof! With the latest NASA Mars pictures (c 2018-2019) of Martian mushrooms, we can acknowledge, at last, a diverse biosphere, with a history of many forms of life ie. Martians! — Mr Mars Magnifier

NEW! MARTIANS ON MARS? Rover Footage (NASA Photos) of Dozens of Mars Discoveries (c 2018-2019)

Secret NASA Mars Pictures of Secret Mars Technology? Proof of NASA Censorship of Life on Mars? In Gale Crater? A Former Lake on Mars in a Mars Ruins Debris Crater (a Mars Lake Bed)? via my Win 10 Magnifier, + a new wide shot from a Terraform Mars gigapan. Unacknowledged Proof that Mars had Civilizations and Mars Civilizations had Advanced Solar Technology?

I first discovered the “Martian Heat-Ray” by exploring Terraform Mars” interactive Curiosity Rover panorama gigapan for Sol 938 from left to right at:
I recommend you “take it for a ride!”

I confirmed TM’s panorama by studying its raw images from the NASA Curiosity JPL archives for Sol 938 at:

I then made this video and titled it: “SECRET TEMPLE OF ‘THE MARTIAN HEAT-RAY AGENCY’ An Interpretation of a TERRAFORM MARS NASA Curiosity JPL Photos Gigapan Per Sol 938”

MUSIC: Letter Box, “Far the Days Come” — YouTube Audio Library




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