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COMMENTS OPEN! — SOL 1434 — an A-1 Mars Anomalies 2019 Documentary Review of Martian Structures & Buildings on Mars: REAL LIFE MARTIAN CULTURE! With the NASA Mars Rover pictures of Martian mushrooms, we can acknowledge, at last, a diverse biosphere, with a history of many forms of life ie. Martian Cultures! — MMM

NEW! MARTIANS ON MARS? Rover Footage (NASA Photos) of Dozens of Mars Anomalies (c 2018-2019)

NOW! NASA Mars Rover Footage of Mars Anomalies (c 2018 / 2019)? Mars Buildings? MARS PICTURES: MARTIANS?

Mars Rover Footage of Sol 1434 Gale Crater Shows Curiosity Pictures of Mars “Ruins”? and / or Rock Debris of Potential Hilltop Buildings? in Gale Crater per Possible Martian Proof of Life on Mars? Actually, Sol 1434 gave up a Mars City’s worth of debris, enough for 2 Gigapans! NASA’s not

Be sure to confirm these wild & crazy images by exploring Terraform Mars’ gigapan (interactive panorama) of NASA Curiosity Rover photos for Sol 1434 at:

SEE: “Mars Rover Mystery Continues | Space News THIN DUST EXPLANATION”

AND: “NOVA scienceNOW: 6 – Little people of flores”

MMM’s Best NASA Curiosity Picture-Evidence of Life on Mars? Little Mars People?

It’s hard to call Martians “Aliens” on Mars ie. not in Space or UFOs.

Could humanoid-DNA civilizations, separated by time and space,
evolve almost identical technologies? This would trump the
enigmatic idea of who borrowed from who.

Do 4 NASA Sol 1384 Photos Show Gale Crater of Ancient Mars once had a “Bullet Train” Terminal Yard Station with “End-of-the-Line” Buffer-Stops? Is an Armored “Engine” resting on an Elevated Guideway? Is the “Engine” Attached to a Single Car, Possibly for Soldiers? and some tank-carrying flatcars which met with an untimely end?

Does this Yard also contain 2 unmasked “Engines” (civilian?) nose-to-nose + some interesting Debris?

See Also: “JESUS STATUES ON MARS? Woman in Martians’ Cities War Ruins? NASA Mars Curiosity Rover ANOMALIES 2017”

& “Sol 1606 2017 MARS QUEEN’S VILLA WAR RUINS Humanoid Woman Fossil Found by NASA in Mars Buiildings”

& “MARS ALIEN ANOMALIES 2017 Humanoid Martians NASA Rover Proof: Mars Woman in Building War Ruins Sol 1454”

2017 “THE SEA SERPENT BATTLESHIP” FOUND ON MARS? IN A DITCH? Sound nuts? Or, is it an Ancient “Mars Woman” Anomaly? “Mini-Martians”, their Past and Present Civilization on Mars: Ruins, Villages, Cities, Statues, Buildings, Debris, even a Miniature Battleship Have Been Photographed But Not Found By NASA Mars Curiosity Rover– Is NASA choosing to ignore all signs of intelligent life in preparation for a multi-billion dollar genocidal invasion? IT IS NUTS!

Are Mini-Martians, in fact, shockingly real, photographed on Feb. 11, 2017 by the NASA Curiosity Rover?

Here, hopefully, via the Win 10 Magnifier, might actually be the closest and clearest NASA Mars Rover Curiosity images of augmented docu-proof / discovery to date. On Mars or on Earth, these “Mars” anomalies are indisputably one heck of a discovery! — interesting stuff! — “food for thought!”

There seems to be all kinds of Mars debris stuff to discover in 100s of NASA Curiosity Rover images: ruins of Mars buildings, Martian things: statues, vehicles, the pulverized and fossilized remains of Martian men, women, children, and animals (ie.skulls, bones, limbs, etc.), photos which the Time Archaeologist has seamlessly knitted into flowing panoramas of Mars.

Conversely, there are also several YouTube videos with photos of the NASA van on Devon Island with NASA personel scattered about allegedly either terrain-testing rovers or actually creating the Curiosity raw images here on Earth. Greenland and Manchuria are also suggested.

MINI-MARTIAN BATTLESHIP would argue that its many Mini-Martians survived Mars’ caraclysms by co-habitting inside the ground.

By “rule of thumb”, I have encountered 5 or more past and present distinct species of Martian humanoid:
Little, Small, Mini, Mini-Gorilla, and Micro. Then, there is talk of “Giants”.

Martian life may have evolved from the same DNA as ours, via meteors, to turn out a bit too much just like us. One plausible explanation says that cosmic lightning strikes blew a portion of Mars into space, which could have scattered all sorts of DNA thoughout our solar system.

Better to spend a fraction of the cost of sending bacteria-ridden human beings to Mars, on disinfected cameras and robots to further reveal its secrets, and spend the remaining billions of dollars on our problems on Earth.

MUSIC: Chris Zabriskie, “The Theatrical Poster for Poltergeist III” — YouTube Audio




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    Terraform Mars says:

    Mr Mars Magnifier – I thank you whole-heartedly appreciate you using the pan in your video – I like your work, it's great to get different perspectives!

    Almost 600 Pans from "Asteroid -Ryugu" to "Pluto" ; This is just a hobby to me – I enjoy creating the images, although it's become almost obsessive according to my wife! lol

    Not all my processed images are big enough to make Pan's from – the smaller images can be found on my Flickr account – plus you can download any of my images hosted there with pleasure, and if anyone would like follow my Flickr – that would be cool – You'll get notifications on my new stuff weekly

    Thanks again Mr Mars Magnifier –

    Take Care All

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