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A spell of light winds and pleasant weather obliges me to break out the sextant for a few sun LOP’s. I also talk about my new Garmin inReach-mini, which I now use for obtaining offshore weather. For more information on celestial navigation, see my two previous videos:

Celestial nav part 1:
Celestial nav part 2:



MUSIC: LaDiDa Land– Kevin Boothby


Canon EOS 60D
Olympus TG-3
Go Pro Hero 7 Black

DJI Phantom 3 Standard



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  1. Charles Ethridge
    Charles Ethridge says:

    I notice that you don't clip in to a harness and jackline, and I didn't see you wearing the Inreach. Don't you worry about falling off? Especially since you're solo? The Inreach is small and waterproof. We keep ours inside our inflatable lifejackets, which we wear all the time when out of the cabin. That way, if one of us falls off and was not clipped in for some odd reason, the MOB can send his current GPS location to the Inreach of the person on the boat. That person can then plug the MOB GPS position into the chartplotter, and go back and retrieve the MOB.

  2. Ron Canizares
    Ron Canizares says:

    Getting a noon site just one mile off is terrific! Very good job. 

    As to weather, I now have an Iridium Go with Predict Wind Offshore and it works great but is not inexpensive, $700 for the unit and $52 to $110 per month depending on how much data one wants. Of course another alternative is an SSB with SailMail to get GRIB Charts. There the initial cost is even more but the operating cost is quite a bit less at $275 per year. There are lots of options now depending on ones needs and budget.

  3. Bay Street Studio II
    Bay Street Studio II says:

    Great video as always and Im sure Ritchie Blackmore would approve of the guitar look. Hey maybe you could do a whole video on your recording set up and amp for some of us music guys, and gals? Stay safe out there man see ya.

  4. marc
    marc says:

    I like the idea of your video but at the beginning the flapping of the sail was distracting and annoying. The cell phone video was not good enough to see what you were doing. I am a new viewer and I am only saying this to help you improve not to criticize. I think your channel has a lot of potential but could use more attention to how your viewer see your videos. I will keep watching. Maybe showing how you use the sexton would be nice too. The sunset was great!


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