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Malang Quick Movie Review in Hindi by Pratik Borade
Malang Quick Review
Malang Film Review



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  1. shree y
    shree y says:

    मराठी चित्रपटांचा review ka nahi…
    चोरीचा मामला या चित्रपटाचा रिवयू कसा आहे..

  2. Bharat Shekhawat
    Bharat Shekhawat says:

    Malang was the movie that I was really looking forward to seeing in the theaters very much because of Mohit Suri's past endeavor with suspense thrillers(ek villian and murder 2) and the great intriguing ensemble attached to it.So very much the first scene I saw entering the theater was Aditya Roy Kapoor's back doing bulk of the talking,which was beautifully captured by the cinematographer and we are introduced to the" ruthless" Aditya Roy Kapoor for the first time in his career.The tempo with which the movie commenced was quite enticing.Very soon the other character's attached to story were established and revealed with complications they are going through.Anil Kapoor being a flipped cop fighting with inner demon's was absolutely marvellous and treat to watch on screen.Seeing,Kunal khemu as being the virtuous and convulated cop was something that was done with pure perfection and ease delivering one of the finest performance of his career.Disha patani as Sara was more than an eye candy this time around being a recklessly carefree in her approach and a complete delight to watch.But the real Trump card that stood out was Aditya Roy Kapoor as adavait,he was completely deceitful in a way ranging from being joyous and loveable to cold blooded and sadistic human you can imagine off.

    Screenplay was a bit lousy only on certain section keeping an account of Adavait and Sara's love story felt a bit lengthen up on the contrary to the high paced action sequences that were played on non linear pattern on screen ,other than that it was a valiant effort. Cinematography was just outstanding and beautifully captured keeping in mind the serenic beauty of Goa in sync with the raunchy night lifestyle.Editing was tightly executed keeping the tempo at the right scale on most occasions.But,the two aspects that really needs the special worth of mentioning was music( including background score too) and fighting choreography.Music was really soothing and refreshing keeping in mind the era of remake and corniest stuff we are presented with.Fighting sequences were perfectly staged and carved out which gave the scenes a more organic look.

    So guy's if you are planning to catch Malang this weekend or any time soon. Go ahead for it…. won't disappoint you.

  3. Divyang Kundaliya
    Divyang Kundaliya says:

    Parasite now in cinemas.
    Make sure u dont miss the best FILM till now.
    Outstanding achievement in filmmaking.
    One word se ye movie to describe hi nahi hogi.
    Movie if the decade & best direction of the decade.

  4. Ratnesh Jain
    Ratnesh Jain says:

    Saw ur vdo n decided to watch Malang.
    One of the Best thriller movies i hv seen. Excellent direction, perfect casting n great story. Disha was a bonus 😉.
    Thanks for your apt review.

  5. Parth Soni
    Parth Soni says:

    तेरा क्विक रिव्यू ही ठीक रहता है फुल रिवीयू में बहुत ज्ञान देते हो तुम


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