Make Your iPad Pro the Perfect Laptop Replacement - Part 1: Hardware


The iPad Pro is the perfect device to replace a full-sized laptop. In this video I’ll run through the critical hardware and accessories you’ll need to make your switch a success.

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Apple iPad Pro 11″ –
Logitech Slim Folio 11 –
Apple Pencil –
Anker PD-1 USB-C charger –
Anker USB-C braided cable –
Anker PowerCore 10,000 PD –
Logitech MX Anywhere 2S –
Hyperdrive USB-C Hub –
SanDisk Ultra 64GB USB-C –
WD 4TB My Passport Wireless Pro –
Sterkmann Expandable Backpack –

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26 replies
  1. Erlantz Bilbao
    Erlantz Bilbao says:

    Man I like gadgets like everyone else. And I want to believe in a lighter, smaller alternative to a laptop … But with so many accessories I rather have a laptop and at least everything is contained in one thing … Less chances to forget/misplace a piece of equipment

  2. John Hatch
    John Hatch says:

    Thanks for your info. Have a 6th gen iPad running latest os. I have been hanging out for external storage. Others sites recommend the Apple camera kit which I bought. However, even with extra power won’t support hard drive, or some USB sticks. Keeping getting not enough power message. Would be interested in your experience whether iPad Pro over comes this . Also the format of storage device seems to be important. Would appreciate your experience

  3. Diane GilmanKline
    Diane GilmanKline says:

    I think aside from a comic, this is my first subscribe, so I’m unsure about navigating. I want the list on products you suggested. I started looking at the other comments but realized it would take for ever. Your video was very helpful. If I could get the list and name of bag —or instruction on how to find it —if it was already provided. That would be great. Thanks

  4. Paul Dzielinski
    Paul Dzielinski says:

    Hi, enjoyed the video. I too have started using my ipad pro as my travel laptop instead of the laptop I use in my office. There are two things about it that would make me never use it in the office: the fact Office apps (word, excel, etc) don't work as good on an iospro device as a windows device, and inability to attach multiple monitors. I need multiple monitors for comparing large docs and spreadsheets, but since I don't do that on the road, it works. Thx.

  5. Gilbert Muller
    Gilbert Muller says:

    I use the iPad as my main device, although, as i’m making, recording,and mixing music, there are several apps i cannot find a suitable replacement on the ipad, I use Logic, so i can record in garageband and transfer to logic, no worries there, but for live performance i use Mainstage and i cannot find a suitable replacement for it. Workarounds yes, but no single app replacement. The iPad replaced my MacBook Pro to such a degree that if i need to replace the macbook, it will be a mac mini, and it will stay in the studio.

  6. bitkahuna
    bitkahuna says:

    i knew i'd like this review as soon as i saw you picked the logitech keyboard! it's a bit heavy/bulky, BUT it provides good protection for the ipad too unlike most cases. i don't need the pencil a lot but when i need it i really need it. signing docs, marking them up, but i'm not a big 'hand writing' note taker

  7. Manuel Rodriguez
    Manuel Rodriguez says:

    Will a printer work on iPad Pro using the 3.0USB port that is on a USB-C Hub? I never see anyone making videos about the iPad Pro 3rd Gen and Printing capabilities using a wired device. I know some printers can print via wifi, AirPrint, etc etc but can you connect one directly to an iPad Pro??


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