macOS Sidecar Review - Turn your iPad into a Monitor


This macOS Sidecar Review is showing you how Sidecar compares to other solutions like the Luna Display. Sidecar is by far one of the most exciting new features within macOS Catalina. So before you throw away your Wacom Tablet or your Luna Display check out how it compers under real life conditions.

Sidecar basically enables you to turn your iPad into second monitor. Some solutions like the Luna Display also enable Touch Support for macOS. Unfortunately Apple still does not want us to use our fingers under macOS.

So what do you think? Which solution in your opinion is the best at the moment? Are you sticking with your Luna Display or Wacom Tablet?

Thanks for watching and I’ll see you next time.

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25 replies
  1. Rochelle watters
    Rochelle watters says:

    Definitely the whole touch thing is ? OMG really?! BUT I would be more surprised if it doesn’t come along soon. And when it does Luna /astropad will be gone.
    Right now I think the only way luna/astropad have a chance is to ditch the subscription… and if ipad photo shop is really good, luna/ astropad will become even more redundant to users.
    If luna/astropad hadn’t switched to a subscription model I would be rooting for them…but as I don’t approve of their business model I just see it as their greedy subscription choice biting them back.
    I do everything I can to stay away from Adobe because of the subscription as well. Procreate and Affinity designer are awesome on the ipad and Really looking forward to using sidecar for getting desktop work on my ipad so I never have to sit at that desk again! YAyyyyy!

  2. Waloola al abdola
    Waloola al abdola says:

    Can anyone help me please, when I open the sidecar app it shows me there are no devices although my iPad is right next to it and open and connected to wi fi , i don’t know what is the problem. Help

  3. Jonathan Weiss
    Jonathan Weiss says:

    Yes you should cancel Astropad. It’s ridiculous that they charge subscription — almost like they knew this was coming and tried to milk it for as much as they could before they’re be irrelevant. They took advantage of early users to beta test their POS software — only to screw them over. Countdown to oblivion, Astropad! 😂😂✌️🖕


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