MacBook Air 2020 Review - What it Can & Can't Do!


Review of the MacBook Air 2020 I5 Model. Apple’s most affordable laptop. A bunch of tests and my suggestions on what exactly this Macbook Air can do. I also compare it to the MacBook Air 2019 and talk about “overheating”. Watch for the full review!

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29 replies
  1. TechnoFreak
    TechnoFreak says:

    The biggest reason why i bought Macbook air in 2015 was due to its battery backup and i dont want to carry chargers in my clg here and there , i got 12-12.5 hrs battery life & it had 54.5Whr battery, and now it is 49.9 Whrs. At that time almost no windows laptop had that sweet battery backup. Now in 2020 XPS 13 is the new champ in backup category. I was thinking to upgrade to Macbook Air 2020, now im gonna pass and shift to XPS 13 2020.

  2. Calvin Power
    Calvin Power says:

    Finally a reviewer who isn't over glorifying the new macbook air. It's a BASIC laptop running Mac OS. That's it folks. That's why it doesn't say Pro on it. It's meant to take a step forward for what basic laptops can do, but not replace a pro machine.

  3. CF542
    CF542 says:

    Can’t really agree with the vibe expressed. My 2019 MBA runs pretty cool and works great, in fact much better than my Dell laptop that has an i7 and 16GB. My fan only comes on when I’m running Parallels and pushing Windows 10 hard. T2 Chip is also on the 2019 too. I’m also weary of the complaining about the keyboard. Butterfly keys are very good and I’ve personally never had any issues with my two MacBooks.

  4. p ms
    p ms says:

    In 2020 this $1,300 ultrabook has:

    1. no face unlock
    2. no touch screen
    3. no pen
    4. a subpar webcam
    5. an old keyboard (marketed as new)
    6. an underpowered i5 cpu (new ipad pro has better geekbench 5 scores)
    7. a cpu that runs hot (i.e., overheats)
    8. can't handle gaming
    9. can only handle simple web browsing and microsoft office
    10. subpar battery life
    11. an always-on fan
    12. no micro SSD port
    13. no design upgrade (since god knows when)

    I guess this what they mean when they say Apple laptops "JUST" work.
    I'll stick with my hard-to-stomach $1,000 windows laptop (10th gen i7 cpu, 16 ram, 256 gb SSD, and 1 gb hard drive, dual fans)
    Mr iMontz, thanks for confirming why I won't subscribe to your channel…

  5. James.Cubes
    James.Cubes says:

    So I currently have a MacBook air 2015 i5 and am looking to upgrade. I like to program and play Minecraft in my free time (Recently Subnautica). WIll this be a good buy?

  6. Dayo Aworunse
    Dayo Aworunse says:

    I'd say overheating is the point where a device/product is incapable of functioning and stops working all together aka shutting off.
    Also I have the 2020 MacBook Air i5 and the fans aren't on all the time and even watching this video back in 1440p, I'm sitting at 62 degrees.

  7. Thomas Lapointe
    Thomas Lapointe says:

    Hi! Great video! Wondering if I should order one at the moment. I currently use a 2013 Macbook Air and it still handles what I need to do but it's beginning to occasionally slow down. I use it for productivity/office work mainly (email, business management (filemaker), office, internet browsing on chrome, + YT and Spotify). I was thinking about getting the i5 upgrade but read and seen some reviews and feedbacks showing overheating issues with i5 and i7 processors. That being said, I'm trying to figure out if I should get the i3, the i5 or wait a little more before ordering (maybe wait and see the next MBP, but will probably be too pricey for my needs). Let me know what you think if you have time. Thank you!

  8. Daniel Richardson
    Daniel Richardson says:

    What’s the best MacBook for blogging, emails, Apple Music, writing documents, browsing internet & a long all day usage? I’m thinking the MacBook Pro 13 although I would love the MacBook 16 just for the bigger screen and battery?

  9. Clarity
    Clarity says:

    I got mine for almost 2 weeks now and i'm very happy with it.
    I can edit some 1080p Videos, do some Office Stuff, work on Photos in Affinity Photo,…sure you notice that its getting warm sometimes, but thats not really worth talking about.
    Its a nice Laptop for Daily use. Love it ^.^


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