MacBook Air 2018 Full Review - Should You Buy It? | The Tech Chap


The Tech Chap reviews the Apple MacBook Air 13 2018! 10 years after the Air was first launched, is the new MBA a big upgrade and how does it compare to the MacBook & MacBook Pro? Amazon US: | UK:

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47 replies
  1. sangsakhakala
    sangsakhakala says:

    I simply dont game on my workstation laptop as it shorten the lifespan due to inssuficient cooling.. so I dont think people should care about discrete gpu especially if only for work (office, adobe, etc). If you do 3d app then get the 15inch version. Remember there is a reason apple call it macbook air.

  2. Explore With us
    Explore With us says:

    Which one would you say is best buddy,,I’ve always had windows but I hate it,,so I’m thinking of Mac,just not sure which one to get,,,,I want to start messing about with videos and uploading to YouTube plus other things 👍

  3. K MX
    K MX says:

    The most clever part of apple’s marketing is make you believe that this 2018 air is cheaper than an 2017 MacBook. Truth is that the i5 MacBook 2017 has same price as MacBook Air 2018 in same spec, because MacBook don’t have 128g version. But after all this MacBook Air has i5-8210y, which has same spec as i7-7y75. It’s kind of buying a 2017 MacBook with more weight and worse screen panel, with a few hundred dollars off, at the end of 2018. No one but apple can sell such laptop with trivial upgrade for years.

  4. Trusteft
    Trusteft says:

    To answer your question, the main reason one would go for the MacBook instead of the Air or the 13 inch pro, lack of fans. There are people who want that. Who want the silence.
    Wait wait, first of all Industry Standard PP? lol
    Second, you are comparing the two laptops but you are not using one of the major reasons one would buy an Apple computer, because it can't be run on Windows? That's the whole point!
    Oh man, you were doing so well up to this point.
    Take care.

  5. Karim Khalifa
    Karim Khalifa says:

    I just bought it. I recommend paying the extra $200 for 256 GB, it’s worth it. I had a 15 inch MacBook Pro with Touch Bar, and it was a pain to travel with and hold in class. I’m glad I’m going back to an updated version of the Air. I used to edit 4K videos on the old Air and didn’t have issues, I’m sure I won’t with this one. Maybe just longer upload times but that’s fine.

  6. Emily Queen
    Emily Queen says:

    thanks for the insight on the macbook air, i actually talked to Apple today about whats best for me, and they said its the macbook air which i agree. that so im saving up towards that macbook.

  7. Anthony the Filipino
    Anthony the Filipino says:

    Hey, I’m planning to buy a laptop soon, and I would get a gaming laptop, but the MacBook seems to be the safest, and hardest to be hacked. I play games such as Sims 4, Cities Skylines and related games, so which Mac should I buy?

  8. R3APST3P
    R3APST3P says:

    Does this one have the same keyboard problem and screen problem with the pros ? Should i get this one or the macbook 2017 13inch base model? Am scared of the pro breaking

  9. Andre
    Andre says:

    Could've been a great upgrade to my 2014 Air but the pricing leaves way to be desired. This is a glorified netbook but priced as an expensive gaming PC.


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