LOW EMF SAUNA | Groundbreaking NEW technology for low EMF sauna and low EF/ELF sauna (Pt. 4))


Low EMF Sauna is a major concern in the Infrared sauna marketplace. Are you looking for a low EMF Infrared Sauna? Have an up-close look at the new Evolve 25 EHS from Sun Stream Infrared Saunas, the best low EMF sauna 2019.

Sun Stream Infrared Saunas have been IR sauna specialists since 1999. Approximately 12 years ago a small handful of home sauna manufacturers introduced EMF magnetic field reduction to their carbon panel heaters. Sun Stream was one of the first companies to adopt this new technology in their far infrared saunas.

As knowledge and awareness grows regarding all different forms of electrical ‘pollution’ including EMF magnetic fields, EF/ELF electric fields, RF (WiFi, cell phones, Bluetooth) and so-called ‘dirty electricity’ that surrounds us, Sun Stream has continued to innovate and introduce new features to our line of Evolve 360 infrared saunas.

Enjoy this 3D virtual tour video of our latest model, the Evolve 25, which establishes an all-new industry low for EMF and EF/ELF electric fields making it the best low emf infrared sauna 2019.

Search the net for low emf sauna reviews. We are confident that no other Infrared sauna brand has EF/ELF levels as minimal as the new Evolve 25 EHS.

The EHS saunas were named with the term Electrohypersensitivity in mind. The EHS saunas have low EMF magnetic fields averaging less than 1.0 mG and astoundingly low EF/ELF electric fields near zero.

The Sun Stream Evolve 360 saunas are a unique far infrared sauna that delivers maximum levels of radiant IR heat by surrounding your body 360 degrees with our carbon panel heaters. This includes our exclusive front door-mounted heater aiming IR heat directly centered at the front of your body.

So many IR sauna designs are lacking in the amount of Infrared heat aimed at the front of your body. Sun Stream’s 360 degree surround heater placement ensures maximum infrared sauna benefits, heating your body thoroughly and inducing a heavier sweat for heavy metal detox, boosting your immune system, anti-inflammatory pain relief for sore muscles and more!

Do you have concerns about emf sauna dangers?

Are you wondering about near vs far infrared saunas?
Questions about near infrared saunas, full spectrum saunas or infrared sauna vs traditional?

Sun Stream Infrared Saunas has worked with the many different types of saunas since 1999. Contact owner, Kevin Halsey, anytime with all of your questions and benefit from our 20 years of experience.

Give us a call any time 1-888 262 4477
Or drop us an email: kevin@sunstreamsaunas.com

Our full line of Sun Stream Evolve 360 saunas can be seen here

Full Evolve 25 EHS photo gallery on Facebook is here




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