Logitech Type+ Keyboard Case for iPad Air 2 - Review


UPDATED VERSION: https://youtu.be/c58FjnQffhw

Looking to use your iPad as a laptop replacement? You’ll want to buy the Logitech Type+ Keyboard Case for the iPad Air/Air 2 to make that possible.

BUY IT HERE: http://amzn.to/1RKlA57


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45 replies
  1. jose luis martinez
    jose luis martinez says:

    I have a problem with this product. When I got it did not have any damage or anything at all but it couldn’t let me type fast I had to hold a letter for a certain amount of time so it could appear in the screen but if type fast or like normal person would, nothing would appear

  2. Sonya Jordan
    Sonya Jordan says:

    I have had this case for nearly 3 years and it has just finally broken. But during the first year I noticed that my iPad is being attached where the magnet connects. 3 years on, it has only gotten worse. This is my only complaint about this case.

  3. austinricky
    austinricky says:

    hey man hoping you can respond have you heard of the secure lock not working or losing grip on this?? supposedly bought a new one and my ipad air keeps sliding out when i put it upright.

  4. Scott Simmons
    Scott Simmons says:

    Those things on the outer corners that your device locks into could randomly break I say random because i never saw why it happened when I was running all i saw was my AIR gained air in a mac frizzbie fashion 🍎 🍏

  5. Chase EB
    Chase EB says:

    I got one 6 months ago, loved it until the hinges cracked, I emailed Logitech and they're currently sending me a new one! I'm currently typing this on my cracked one, its such a good keyboard!

  6. Ben Stern
    Ben Stern says:

    Thanks for the info. I bought one two days ago and now see my choice was right. My case uses 2 coin batteries, rather than a rechargeable battery. So I will have to carry spares with me.

  7. MsWRX
    MsWRX says:

    Iv been trying to do research before I go out and buy an iPad. My laptop is kind of funky and I'm a huge fan of Apple. I'm a college student and of course I have to submit a lot of papers. I just want to know if it's worth buying an iPad air2 or just getting another cheap dell from Walmart ?😷

  8. Walt Yates
    Walt Yates says:

    Thanks for the info. This case sucks, I bought one unfortunately! Once the key board is flat use of the key board is lost. I often used my old slim case on old I pad 2 for presentations and being able to flip the screen to show clients without the keyboard popping up was great. I never expected to make such a stupid change. Now I have to carry a strong magnet around to be able to use the keyboard for presentations and not get a f**ked up neck.


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