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The Logitech M705 is a large mobile mouse. I feel like many wireless mice are small and dainty, this is not the case here. This mouse has decent battery life and runs on 2 AA Batteries. One of my favorite features of this mouse is the gear shift feature which allows for 2 scroll speeds. for me this helps when gaming or when working in large Google docs where scrolling is a common task but require different scroll speeds to make good use of time and productivity.

This is an older video from one of my other channels, please excuse any old branding, or poor quality. this is part of my history which is why I am reposting it here. These unboxings also may help you follow me on my journey of upgrades.

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20 replies
  1. Yu Guan
    Yu Guan says:

    I have 2 M705s as my daily driver since 5 years now, no signs of dying yet and I have replaced the battery only once so far by each mouse. I used it for gaming too, not the highlight for gaming but it is not bad.

  2. S H
    S H says:

    I have this mouse for over 6 years now and only switched batteries once. I use it aprox 6 hours a day while browsing and gaming (LoL, minecraft, Skyrim, WoW..). It never failed on me! Even on a surface that's not so great for a regular mouse. This one does the job. 🙂

  3. CastCapo
    CastCapo says:

    Anthony last time you used the biggest knife that you had in the house so this time you went for smallest sharp thing you in the house god job good sir and batteries are including that's even better

  4. FatGuyDoes
    FatGuyDoes says:

    I'm fairly sure I have this mouse and it's junk. Wireless area is small. Pointer jumps a lot. Batteries do last forever if you turn the mouse off. This is a nice mouse for a laptop when you're in a pinch.

  5. George NoX
    George NoX says:

    This i a good mouse. I personally hate wireless mouses of any kind because i tend to die in games when they stop working in the middle of my gaming. But if you say batteries last for 3 years (is that without changing them?) then it might be a good purchase. Does it recharge your batteries automatically if you use rechargable ones? I think it may because no battery can last for 3 years if it's constatly being used without recharging.


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