LLLCCORP 10" 4GB RAM On A $99 Dual SIM Android Tablet!! (Unboxing & 1st Impressions)


To Buy (Lowest Price) – https://amzn.to/2NfphmK

On amazon this is called the LLLCCORP Unlocked Pad 10 inch Octa Core 2.5Ghz 3G Tablet Android 6.0 Dual SIM Card Slots 4GB RAM 64GB ROM Built-in WIFI Bluetooth GPS Google Plays Store Netflix Youtube (White). There may be affiliate links above and in the comments that I post that can be used to purchase the item that could also help the channel receive a commission.

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  1. Michael Thomas
    Michael Thomas says:

    Ty for the extensive review..FINALLY somebody playing a somewhat high graphics game.Thats the big thing for me.Wish you could do a review on zte zpad.Ive heard nothing but good about it.Unfortunately there are only a few reviews on here.Sad part is.Nobody played a high graphics game.Thats the main thing for me.Ty again for great video

  2. Sheldon Ki
    Sheldon Ki says:

    I use mine as a "living room kick around tablet." It lives on the couch and when I need a quick lookup or playing a video from it to the t.v. it serves the purpose. Kinda knew I wasn't getting into a "great one" but that's what my other equipment is for.

  3. HIgh Five
    HIgh Five says:

    This is what I don't get. They are all designed the same and the names are kinda bizarre (like LLLCCORP) like they are clones of each other and made in China. Is it possible that they this to sell badly designed products under different names?

  4. dad dada
    dad dada says:

    I have the llltrade 10.1" and it does have 4gb of ram and 64gb of on board memory. Videos play great. Games play just fine. But I cant get the bluetooth to connect to my Sony bluetooth speaker. Any sugestions?

  5. Skip741 x
    Skip741 x says:

    Brother, i can tell you whats going on…If you look in system info, the rom used was a CUSTOM version..what does that mean? It means it was customized to Say whatever the designer wanted it to say…In other words, the system info was tweaked to display false info… Its Not an octacore, its a quadcore bro, an MT6580 is a Quadcore…..it also has only 1gb ram… and the real screen res is 1280x 720 …… The rom is custom and was made to confirm the false specs so that noobs, …meaning inexperienced people, will be fooled into thinking they have something great when they have in truth been scammed……..Dude, even the Antutu benchmark that shows ur Insane score, has itself been tweaked to say that! The only place that tablet will achieve That score is in ur dreams!…… man, thats Baddddd! i cant believe they do this but obviously they do…i hope u get ur money back, and keep the tablet becuz of false seller tactics… That would be fair

  6. Szabolcs Mate
    Szabolcs Mate says:

    I believe the reason PUBG won't run (I mean even if you get the APK) is that because of the potential of cheating through hacked firmwares, it will only run on specific systems that they allow it to run, which will always be just the big brand mainstream models.

  7. Tails Furse
    Tails Furse says:

    Ouch! It was having trouble with fruit ninja. One of the easiest to run games. I know this is a scam tablet but Whoo man. Did ya maybe get your money back from this?

  8. Lester004
    Lester004 says:

    Don't buy this tablet its fake its only 4gb storage 1 gb ram 1280×720/768p resolution (advertised as 1500×1200) not octa core its quad core 1.1 ghz also that antutu is fake its also android 4.2 instead of 6.0 but now i guess its real 6.0 or 5.0 rear can is 1.3 megapixel front is 0.3 megapixel


    Moat of the time i watch this kind of videos just to know a little bit about the item am about to buy, specially when it comes about ohones, tablets, laptops. Etc,, but i honestly don't pay too much attention regardless the cons of any electronics devices such as phones, or tablets. etc, for example like this one, for some people obviously is not as good as they thought, for others are great! for me is great, i don't use it for games, i use it for regular tasks and watch videos! I love it!

  10. MsLiaria
    MsLiaria says:

    I just saw a video on a tablet that came in that exact same box with the same specs. It's a scam tablet. I would like to know what happens when you try to go past 8 gb of installed apps. I would search for "robo's honest reviews chinese 10.1 inch tablet"

  11. James Beaupry
    James Beaupry says:

    Android 6.0 is not the problem, my Huawei Sensa is able to download it running Android 6.0.. I'm guessing the subpar processor is the problem. It's also looks like the processor is a fake octa-core, as I saw Geekbench recording one of the clusters at 0 Ghz


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