Linx 7 inch Windows tablet review, how good is a £79 Windows tablet?


This year we have seen prices of Windows tablets drop and drop as Microsoft push lower spec devices and lower licence costs so OEMs can make tablets that can compete with cheap Android tablets. One of the low cost tablets recent released comes in at just £79. The Linx 7 is a 7 inch Windows tablet running Windows 8.1 with Bing and has 1GB RAM, powered by an Intel Atom processor comes with a year’s Office 365. It all sounds great for £79 but how well does it actually work?



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  1. Josip Žentil
    Josip Žentil says:

    we didnt see a lot of important things, either you didnt show it (like booting process to see how long it takes), or it was poor visibility due to bad camera. but trying is allways nice,
    so, thanks! 🙂

  2. James Maple
    James Maple says:

    Whats it like in use now you have had a year to mess with it? I noticed all of the sub £150 tablets that look decent have 1gb of ram and about 32gb of storage. I get the storage is expandable but it seems like its useless for anything bar metro apps and web browsing

  3. magda1016
    magda1016 says:

    shitest thing i ever got! first one (brand new) charged for a day and holding battery for 10min. I got replacement and this time battery is just ok, but using touch screen is nightmare. i am use to apple products so this one's quality is – you get what you paying for.

  4. Eric Taylor
    Eric Taylor says:

    Omfg man stop moving it so much you give me a headache I'm sorry but this video was A complete mess please make a new video with the same tablet but do it in a different room and try not to move around so much sorry but that was annoying

  5. Miku Ivalice
    Miku Ivalice says:

    I ordered a HP Stream 7 new for $80 and came with a $25 giftcard, brought me over my ebay bucks milestone, so really I got it for $50. So glad I didn't get a Fire tablet.

  6. GeoNeilUK
    GeoNeilUK says:

    Looks like the Linx was designed to be put in a case… I can't think why they'd put the Start button where they did.  

    And another bloody tablet with mini HDMI out which my HP Stream 7 doesn't have!!

    None of the Android emulators I've tried will run in 1GB RAM, they pretty much all need at least 2GB, whether these cheap tablets (and the upcoming Windows 10 making Modern apps more Desktop friendly and being a free upgrade for the first year) will mean a boatload of developers building apps for Modern Windows or whether that'll all go up the spout when a nice Modern Windows Android Runtime that can run in 1GB gets released and everybody just ports to that, I don't know, but I'm really liking what Microsoft are doing, they're finally getting something right after Windows 8 on desktops.

  7. jcreswick
    jcreswick says:

    I have one and its slow glitchy buggy and crap, it shuts down itself freezes the camera is 1999 quality, the battery is rubbish and lasts only a few hours the plastic is sharp the screen backlight bleeds around the edges its poor poor poor, oh and the windows button is a nightmare avoid it.

    PAUL BRADLEY says:

    has anyone got the Bluetooth to work?,i cant get any picture/file to send from a mobile,and ive tried 4 phones,i can get them to pair up but the tablet just wont receive,im on my second tablet and it still wont work,help??


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