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Line app is a new sketching app by Iconfactory. It’s an app along the lines of Apple’s Note app and Paper by 53. But can it hold it’s own against heavy hitters like Procreate or Medibang Paint? And is it even worth it?

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17 replies

    Really great, in-depth review. Thank you very much!
    I don't buy the argument though, that the pen not getting wider with pressure, is because it's unnatural. I've spent a lot of time, in procreate, on matching the feeling of a fountain pen, which does get wider with pressure, which again makes it such a great drawing tool. But I get the point that fiddling with pressure is for another kind of application than Linea. I also miss selection/transformation, but the same goes for that, I guess. Overall I'm pretty pleased with it, it's very well designed and gives a nice drawing experience. Just bought it while writing. Don't have my apple pencil at me, but look forward to try it with that. I'm using my dad's iPad Air. It only has 5 undo steps btw, I really hope that's different on the Pro. Love the colour palette approach with the easy, well balanced shades and still a lot of freedom. I think my favourite feature is the ability to quickly flip page – I miss that in Procreate a lot!

    That should've just been a quick comment, but became a whole review. Hope it was helpful to some, thanks for reading 🙂

  2. Frank Klaver
    Frank Klaver says:

    Ok, so I make only sense to myself. Thanks for not responding. Not. Well I just bought the app and I like it. I am having more fun with it then with any of the other drawing apps I have installed. I don't care what app is better and can do more. I only care about liking it!

  3. Frank Klaver
    Frank Klaver says:

    Well I have not bought the app yet, but I don't understand why some keep on comparing the app. Its like apples and oranges. Why are oranges more expensive then apples ? All you get from one orange is a half glass off juice. If you happen to be lost in the forrest you might get more out of an apple to keep you from starving. Once again, I have not bought the app yet and if I would buy it I would only keep using it because I like using it. Now is it true that there is paid advertising in the app? I highly doubt it. Maybe I am not making my point. I do like oranges and apples especially mixed in a blender. Choice enough if you ask me :).

  4. PumperWolf
    PumperWolf says:

    If is compared with Notes, does it perform as fast as Notes? Could you make a video of speed performance? but recorded with cam showing the apple pencil and the iPad to see how much lag are, up to now (that I know), the fastest are 1st Notes and 2nd ProCreate.

  5. Mike Lyon
    Mike Lyon says:

    I don't really see the necessity of an app that does less than Procreate when the only argument given is that Procreate is too complex. Especially since Procreate is stupid simple and amazing at the same time. Also cheaper. I'm always down to try a new app that maybe does something better, but this is trying to sugarcoat doing less for more money.

  6. Tejas
    Tejas says:

    I think Procreate is cheaper than this ? And you don't have to use all features in Procreate , you can just use layers and in built brushes and do these things better in it . This app is also overpriced for nothing !

  7. Nathan Manousos
    Nathan Manousos says:

    I love this app, it's exactly what I've been waiting for and well worth the $10. It's definitely not right for everyone, but for a UI designer who wants to do some drawing, sketching and design explorations, it hits the perfect balance, which is worth paying for. If you find yourself using notes because Procreate is too complex for what you typically need, this is probably the app you want.

  8. roofoofighter
    roofoofighter says:

    I am puzzled about all the fuss being made over this app. Personally I think it is OVERPRICED for the features being presented, and I don't see why I should choose Linea over more full-featured apps. Especially when there are many free apps that do so much more. Simple does not always mean better when it comes to having all the tools you need to do a job. But that's just my opinion.

  9. GeneralTrueFocus
    GeneralTrueFocus says:

    the 9.99$ seems too pricy for what it provides, also the icon + iPhone design feature seems very strange as it does not fit with their message of basic sketching and concept.
    Regarding minimal UI, then procreate looks better in this sector as they both have a full screen mod (four fingers to toggle fullscreen in procreate)
    Also i can configure my pencil brushes in procreate to zero pressure and fallout in 2 seconds + go to gesture control and make Touch options -> Erase only, walla I have my finger as an eraser.
    bottom line i can't seems to understand why to spend 9.99$ on something that i have in procreate or if i want to go full hardcore in apple notes?

  10. hesham8459
    hesham8459 says:

    This app is extremely limited not worth $0.99 rather than $9.99. I purchased it and within 15 minutes I realized it is a useless app with a lot of paid advertising. I uninstalled and requested a refund which was approved by Apple. There are many much much more powerful apps at this price or less. The biggest lie in their ad is that this is the FIRST app built for the Apple Pencil!! Really?

    I also will unsubscribe from this channel!


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