LikeBook MARS T80D | The Ultimate Android E-INK Reader Tablet? | Initial Review


LikeBook MARS T80D | E-INK / E-Reader / E-Book | Initial Review
Amazon: | $240 | Sale
Gearbest: | $273

Could this be the best? Maybe compare it to a kindle? Let me know!

Display: 7.8” 300PPI 1404 x 1872
Back Light: Dual Tone
CPU: RK3368 8-Core 1.5GHz
Storage: 16GB
Battery: 3100 mAh
Android 6.0 [OTA UPDATES]
SD CARD: Up To 128GB
Headphone Jack
WiFi + Bluetooth


If you have any questions feel free to ask

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50 replies
  1. Maciej Pilichowski
    Maciej Pilichowski says:

    Another manufacturer which saves money on GPS. It is miracle we have smartphones packed with features, because other than that (tablets, e-readers) it is all about providing bare minimum.

  2. fisih little
    fisih little says:

    買個試試看。說16GB,實際不到 12GB….也縮太多了吧~ 還好 不是買 唯一 內建,可外建SD卡。。還有 開關鍵 感覺有點粗糙, 好像多按幾下會掉出來的感覺。

  3. William Su
    William Su says:

    To this day I still think e-ink tablets are super underrated. I wish these tablets had more updated versions of Android 6.0 is already pretty dated but usable. Do these tablets have good/consistent software updates? It would be nice to have consistent updates.

  4. JoyBlack
    JoyBlack says:

    E-ink displays use front lit screens not back lights, but it looks like the the device doesn't know what it uses and calls it a backlight in the settings

  5. Artsiom Yesis
    Artsiom Yesis says:

    Well, if you want your book live more than one week, you should definitely avoid android system and turned on wi-fi. These guys will drain your battery as fast as they can

  6. Mohammed Akram
    Mohammed Akram says:

    Can any one please tell me why is this 225$ ?
    You can get a decent android tablet or a chuwi windows tablet at that price with better specs and screen
    Is there anything really special about this tablet? (this is not sarcasm, I really don't know the answer) and btw sorry if I wrote something wrong my English is not very good

  7. Stefan Constantin Dumitrache
    Stefan Constantin Dumitrache says:

    Cool review for what looks to be an awesome e-ink device (though I did see your update in the comments about it getting bricked). I am curious thought, and I advise you to test this if possible, if e-ink devices with Android can run the Kindle app and, as a result, download and read the Kindle library. This matters because there are MANY Kindle users who buy books on Amazon, and a good chunk of them may consider other e-ink devices without loosing acces to their libraries. Could you possibly test this with future e-ink devices which run on Android? Or did you do it already, and does it work?


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