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So your looking over the Lib Tech line wondering which of their boards is the All-Mtn board, and the Cygnus is a little out of your price range. The pro models are built with each of their riding styles in mind. The Skunk Ape is wide, the Mullet is for pow and the Box Scratcher is a little jib stick.
The answer is the TRS. The Total Ripper Series is a medium flex all mountain ripper. It is now billed to have C2BTX, which is reverse camber in the middle and regular camber under your feet.
Also, this board has a narrow option. Good news for you ladies that want a killer board but rock a size 8 women’s boot.

Note: Stephen saying that this board is a little soft is coming from a guy who has owned mostly GNU Billy Goats (a very stiff board). Board Insiders BoardInsiders

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  1. BoardInsiders
    BoardInsiders says:

    There is nothing soft and buttery about the Lib TRS. It's made to rip not jib.

    That said we have some guys on our crew that throw down NW style and jib on 160s. I'm pointing this out to let you know that anything is possible.

    But there are a lot of boards in the All-Mtn/Freestyle category that will jib much better yet still kill it All-Mtn. Hit up our website "Any Questions" section and we can help you narrow it down.

  2. Matt N
    Matt N says:

    Hey sick review but i got 3 questions, i know it wont specialize in it but will it still do pretty well on jibs and rails and boxes? plus is it still nice and forgiving in park? plus will i be able to do a little butterying too? i know its and all mountain but i want to know itl do that stuff good too.
    PLEASE ANSWER, thanks 🙂

  3. BoardInsiders
    BoardInsiders says:

    If you have smaller footprint boot, size 11 you should work but it will be close.
    If your boot is older it might have a giant footprint, but if it's newer and a little nicer the footprint should be smaller.

    When I compare my size 11s from 10 years ago to my newer ones it's almost comical how big of a difference there is.

  4. hairynose656
    hairynose656 says:

    would the 157'' waist width 25.3 (tail and nose 29.3) be fine for 11 (US men size) boots. or am i better of with the travis rice pro with 25.8 waist width and 30.1 tail and nose width. I'd prefer the trs because the travis rice pro is stiffer…

  5. BoardInsiders
    BoardInsiders says:

    @TheExtremedude123 Stability on landings is great, but it's an All-Mountain board. That means it'll rip (and yes I know R in TRS stands for Ripper).
    As far as jibbing and such, I would have to warn you that there are a ton of boards out there that do a better job of this. I would start looking at boards that are a little more All-Mountain/Freestyle. Watch the Banana vs Banana video we did. Even though it doesn't win I think that the Attack Banana does a good of doing it all.

  6. metaZen
    metaZen says:

    @BoardInsiders I agree with the addition that they should be great fitting boots with a softer more forgiving flex so you don't get chattered around all the time..

  7. BoardInsiders
    BoardInsiders says:

    @BladeEdgeRider Thanks for the advice. We actually have a number of items that we rate as soon as we get off of the mountain. As we're improving the site you will probably see a couple of different scales relating to stiffness.

    The Arbor Formula is softer than both Arbor Element RX and the Arbor CODA (even though Arbor says they are all medium flex).
    I ordered changes on the site to make it more clear. Plus, our video for it should be up soon and that usually clears everything up.

  8. zygi22
    zygi22 says:

    @BoardInsiders Thanks for help. I was thinking of detuning the edges before I took the board on the slope. but I just ignored it after hearing some people say it is not necessary. I have to detune those killer edges a bit for sure.It makes for a beginner. I read everywhere that the boots are one of the most important things for a beginner. Fortunately I have nice boots (K2 Darko)

  9. BoardInsiders
    BoardInsiders says:

    @zygi22 I'm can only think of two things that can instantly help you, so I hope some other peeps chime in.
    1. Get your TRS detuned. It should help with the extreme unforgiving edge hold.
    2. Get perfect fitting boots. For many beginners, control (or lack of) is in your boots.

  10. zygi22
    zygi22 says:

    Great Vid.
    I got this board and I'm having a hard time learning to ride it (I'm a noob) because of its responsiveness and extreme unforgiving edge hold. Rental boards that I was learning to ride on were softer and much easier to turn than the trs. This thing, on the other hand, is a BEAST !! Pretty hard to control this board for a beginner rider. I guess I'm kinda screwed now. You guys have any tips for a beginner on how to ride this board so I wont kill myself on the hill ?

  11. BoardInsiders
    BoardInsiders says:

    @NHBPking I don't usually just throw out just one board, but this time I will. I think the Arbor Formula is a great beginner board. It has reverse camber so learning your turns will be easy, plus it has Arbor's Grip Tech sidecut, which adds some edge feel and grip. It has a soft to med-soft stiffness and is only $295 new. We gave it a high Shred Cred, 93.


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