Lib Tech Skate Banana vs Banana Magic vs Attack Banana snowboard reviews by Board Insiders

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The question: Which Lib Tech Banana snowboard should I get?
The answer depends on what terrain you ride and how you like to shred it. Watch the video before you buy one.

The original Skate Banana has a “V” reverse camber called BTX (banana-traction). It’s the board that changed the industry but now there are two other boards that have the Banana name with different technology. The Banana Magic has c2btx camber and The Attack Banana has the new Ec2BTX camber.



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  1. Fabian I.
    Fabian I. says:

    i really have no clue which one fits me best, as i am just a beginner/intermediate rider. i focus on the hill/slopes but want to start with park a bit too…

  2. Thadnill
    Thadnill says:

    I just got my lib tech attack banana, and i wanted to just test its response and energy alittle, i laid the board on the floor, and then just stepped alittle on the tail with my foot on the floor, just to see how much the nose will pop up, and then i think i heard a little sound that sounded like a crack.. didn''t see anything thou, just think that i heard something that got my atention.. 
    anyone who knows if a snowboards tail is able to take thoose kind of flexing? I thougt they were.. ( paranoid snowboarder ) .. 

  3. BarackObama
    BarackObama says:

    I've heard that the skate banana has the most flex, so for butters i would recommend that. I would say 148 or maybe 145 depending on your style of riding. if you like turning better, more control, and spins, then i would go with 145. if u like kind of long carving and bombing hills, go with the 148 or 149.

  4. Matt N
    Matt N says:

    Hey siick reviews and video but 1 question, on the skate banana did you guys find that it washes out when trying to land big 360s off kicks and stuff cuz its a rocker?

  5. yteka99
    yteka99 says:

    Coming from a camber Burton Custom, my banana magic is a bit hard to grab an edge when spinning. I often find myself spinning out on the landing. Can't tell if my riding has gone to shit or the board doesn't do me well.

  6. Eric Chang
    Eric Chang says:

    I wonder which one will be COMFORTABLE at doing Butter, 360 and that kind of trick? I'm thinking about getting one of those sick boards. BTW I'm 5"6 and 110lbs (yeah pretty light) what length of the board should I get between 145, 148, 149, 151N, 152?? THANKS!

  7. powhound98
    powhound98 says:

    im torn between the bannana magic and attack bannana i normaly ride deep pow lines but will occasionlay will ride park when it gets tracked out im 5'7 and 125 . im an agressive early advaned rider

  8. MrNinjapenguin666sk8
    MrNinjapenguin666sk8 says:

    the 2013 gnu impossible is way to expensive so out of last years gnu impossible series, last years banana magic, or last years smokin bigwig witch 1 would u recommend for a poppy all mountain and park board

  9. alex rodriguez
    alex rodriguez says:

    @jspau956 you boardslide on your base not your edge. most have a 2 or 3 degree base bevel so sharp or not magna-traction has nothing to do with rail or boxes it has to do with edge hold on icy or hard conditions wether sharp or detuned.(i pefer detuned you don't need sharp edges when you have magna.)

  10. BoardInsiders
    BoardInsiders says:

    @jspau956 As long as you detune there should be no problems with Magne-traction catching. The biggest thing you'll have to get used to is board sliding a rocker camber profile. It doesn't lock in as easy as regular camber, but once you get used to it you'll love the looseness and easy spinning on boxes and rails.

  11. jspau956
    jspau956 says:

    has anybody had problems with the magna traction getting hung up while boardsliding? I have been considering getting one of these for awhile but was wondering how the magnatration will effect boardsliding

  12. tec303
    tec303 says:

    @Bri7man haha well that's just my opinion, 159 for me when i weighed it all up seemed the best option. I remember sinking too quickly in the pow when i rode a 154 & 156 a few seasons back so those extra cm's may make all the difference..

  13. tec303
    tec303 says:

    @Bri7man I reckon yes, you are almost exactly the same sizes I am in terms of height/boot – i looked at the 156 & 159 together and the difference is so marginal you can barely see the difference imo. The 161 however does look quite bigger compared to the 156. It's almost like a game of psychological warfare when choosing the size of your board, so many opinions online that it's hard not to be influenced by it all


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