Lib Tech Box Knife Snowboard Review


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In this video I share with you my thoughts on the 2020 Lib Tech Box Knife snowboard. The Lib Tech Box Knife has a lot of tech in it to possibly make it a great park snowboard. I got to ride the Box Knife last week at the High Cascade snowboard camp.



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  1. Chris Dana
    Chris Dana says:

    I live in the Northeast and am learning on a 2003 Burton custom camber. I love the board and its stability at higher speeds, but It's terrible on ice. I mostly bomb groomers and do butter tricks. I've played a bit with jumps but don't plan on going off anything big yet. Would the box knife or hot knife be better? What else should I look at?

  2. Fizzled
    Fizzled says:

    I have last season's Box Knife and I can straight line that sucker at full speed. It's more all-mountain than the marketing lets on. Great in the park and outside of it. But I do not like it in powder so much.

  3. Sam
    Sam says:

    Hey guys, I am a beginner rider only been twice, and my uncle has given me a board that he no longer uses.. how would you recommenced setting my bindings?

  4. James Robinson
    James Robinson says:

    Bought this last year for a all mountain actually. And loved it… Solid but real fun.. Also set stance back and it handled really impressive in few feet of powder. Great fun… Only thing was this board sucked the wax up hard… I needed new wax after few hard dayz

  5. mpix00
    mpix00 says:

    I noticed that you said the space case and DOA were similar. What A similar and different about them? I have the DOA and was thinking if getting the spacecase for a more buttery feel for just riding and buttering.

  6. Dan Sites
    Dan Sites says:

    I rode this board last year and loved the magne and c3. I bought something else for next year because the edge is sooooo short on this and the tips are super soft. It would fold up in big soft landings and on hard carves. Fun for buttering and park but poor choice if looking for a daily driver

  7. Alexander Georgiev
    Alexander Georgiev says:

    New rating system is smart and snowboarders friendly 😀. I am a Jones Flagship owner and a fan. I am considering buying one more board – Capita Super DOA. (almost agreed with the wife😂). The idea is to have more all mountain board, but good for park and basic tricks. What do you think about this combo?


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