LG's Future Display Technology Will Blow You Away


LG OLED Display Concept Video! Future OLED Displays.Experience the whole new future created by OLED and see how OLED will bring significant change to our life.
LG believes that OLED will fundamentally change the future of our home and portable devices. See some of the concepts that OLED Technology will enable in the next few years.

Samsung’s Future Display Technology:- https://youtu.be/luzeYh-dLVE

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36 replies
  1. --
    -- says:

    oh god so many touch screens FML, i have large hands and i fucking HATE touch screens. seeing this as possible future is a nightmare.

  2. Mistic
    Mistic says:

    I feel like the title is um what do you call it oh yeah incomplete that’s it. “LG’s future display technology will blow your mind………….in 50 years” there, that should do it.

  3. Billy Pate
    Billy Pate says:

    And could turn drawing in to printout to attach to lager antomation screen loaded on disc are computer are a machine that turns out to plastic model cool great ideal

  4. Billy Pate
    Billy Pate says:

    Very smart a drawing table that turns it in to a paper printer and peel off and mount to larger screen that turns in to antomanion flim and records on disc are computer

  5. Anthony Robertson
    Anthony Robertson says:

    I guess there will be thin plastic display sheets in the future, but will people really want to carry these sheets around from one larger displays to another larger displays? Or would it be more likely to just wirelessly transfer the video to a small device and then carry it to another display to wirelessly transfer it. Rather than just peel and stick sheets of thin plastic.


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