LG V40 Impressions: 5 Cameras on a Phone?!


LG V40 (ThinQ) is official and it definitely has more cameras than your current phone. But why?

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Phone provided by LG for video review.



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  1. shezant7
    shezant7 says:

    I am currently a V30 owner. I think that the V40 phone is a superb beast – and if certain reviewers could just get over themselves about the name – which this reviewer seems to go on about with EVERY DAMNED LG THINQ PHONE he reviews – he might be able to see the benefits. Does anybody actually think "oh I would love that phone but I couldn't possibly own one with such a silly name"????? No – NOBODY gives a damn about the name when it's in your hand and you are using it. Just get over it man – GET OVER IT — LG have a brand name "ThinQ" – big deal – and if you want to know why- GOOGLE it.

    And – for the record – I am one of the people who DOES like LG's skin and finds it superior to the Samsung and Apple software. For me it works better and provides a better user experience. I have owned iPhones – which I believe to be the most useless uncustomiseable phone on the planet I have owned Samsungs – with edge to edge screens that keeps closing apps because you accidentally touched the screen whilst trying to hold it – and have the back button on the wrong side!!. Each time I sell them at a loss and return to to the LG because – FOR ME – they are the best USER EXPERIENCE.

    I am one of those people who "Absolutely refuse to go wireless" – I don't see why I should – and thanks to LG – that actually LISTEN to it's users – I get to listen to music through high quality headphones – thanks to the Quad dac. And – I can store ALL of my music on the SD Memory card alongside all of the videos and photos that I will take on holiday – AND still benefit from the phone's IP68 waterproof rating and wireless charging.

    Until you have owned and used an LG for any serious length of time – you will not understand what a GOOD user experience they are – and I for one will be owning a LG V40 very soon.

    I realise that I will spend the next 2 weeks deleting replies form the Trolls and Apple fans – and Samsung fans – all that will try to tell me I am stupid and wrong – but hey – HAVING TRIED THE OPPOSITION – and inspite of this reviewers lack of entheusiasm, I will stick to LG, knowing that I have got one of the beast phones on the market, thank you.

  2. Lorus Hendricks
    Lorus Hendricks says:

    I've always had an LG phone, mainly because they are very durable and have solid batteries and software. I've had my G6 for 2 1/2 years now and it still keeps up! The only reason I am looking to switch is because I would like a better quality camera and I like that the camera is the V40's strong point, however, I am still holding out for the G8.

  3. BlackSn0wz
    BlackSn0wz says:

    Funny though how removing the jack has been associated with going wireless when you can still use wireless headphones on a phone that was a jack. Can someone explain his mindset? Keeping the jack isn't stopping anyone from using wireless headphones, and the convenience of wireless will entice people regardless of whether the jack is forcibly removed or not, so why not embrace having the option. Smartphones seem to be more and more geared towards controlling how the user uses the phone rather than the user controlling the phone though (cough Apple), so idk.


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