LG V30: Top 5 Features!


LG V30 is a major step forward and checks every damn box.

2017 vs Bezels: https://youtu.be/UeoeaDvhGvQ

Video Gear I use: http://kit.com/MKBHD/video-gear#recommendation17959

Intro Track :Drugs by Alltta


V30 provided by LG for video.



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  1. Ann inGG
    Ann inGG says:

    Regarding the screen you can pinch it out to make it be the full screen of the phone like the old city and movies when they said what mode do you want movie theater mode or the closer Box Mode. I try to unload movie didn't work cuz they were too tight on the faces kind of cut the head off a little bit but all of YouTube videos and everything else I pinch it out and you can a full screen it's like edge to edge it's pretty awesome my v20 was stolen and started having battery issues the reason for the non-removable battery is it makes it waterproof in the rain and that type of thing because the phone is fully enclosed

  2. zurc palacios
    zurc palacios says:

    Had mine for about a month and man this headphone jack with the quad dac some flac songs and some ath m50x's is just so good to listen to I dont think I could lose this feature haha its to good

  3. Garvežiukas Tomas
    Garvežiukas Tomas says:

    For people of 2019: this phone still rocks in 2019. No lag, regular software updates, no long term use problems, and android P is around the corner for v30. This is still very much a steal, especially as the price gone down a lot.

  4. Bullet ayas
    Bullet ayas says:

    Marques Brownlee

    why didn't you say it is the best audio phone in 2017/2018 … it has superior DAC …better than iphone … never tried it but i read about it

    ALXIII says:

    Had the V30 since it came out. I will say it's the best phone I ever owned. (Own iPhone 4 [hated it], owned note 2, note 3, note 5) this phone is basically every essential you need in a phone and also absolutely great battery life! Great camera also overall plan to keep this for as long as I can


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