Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2 Review - 10.1 Inch full 1080P HD Android Tablet with Intel Atom Processor


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Lenovo has an interesting Android device in the Yoga Tablet 2. It has a full 1080p 10.1″ display and is powered by an Intel Atom processor paired with 2 gigabytes of RAM. As Android devices go it’s very well equipped and performs basic tasks like web browsing, video playing, etc. nicely.

The design also breaks the traditional tablet shape we’ve grown accustomed to. It has a large cylinderical protrusion on the left side of the device that stores the 9400mAh battery and houses the speakers.

It also houses a unique stand that pops out to either orient the display for video watching or to position the device into a comfortable typing position. It’s also possible to place the device on a hook and hang it from a wall.

Overall it’s a nice tablet but I am not crazy about the design. It feels a little lopsided due to the battery position. It’s more suited towards setting it on its stand to watch vs. holding. I do think this might be better as a Windows device, and apparently there is a Windows version running with this same hardware.

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DISCLOSURE – Lenovo lent me this tablet for the purposes of this review



24 replies
  1. SOUPRUN01
    SOUPRUN01 says:

    They say it has 20 hour battery,  but if you play videos on 8 inch,  one it last 6 hours.    The flicker effect is dangerous in my opinion for eyes.   left me with right eye damage.   so wear sun glasses maybe,  or avoid.

  2. Jedi Master Rael
    Jedi Master Rael says:

    Thanks for very good insight of Android running on an Intel processor. Looks like Android on an Intel processor is cripple ware, since some android apps need the ARM processor. I'm sticking with just the ARM processor so all the android apps will run.


    This model is what my kid's sec. school in hkg has provided provided, its cool. i like the battery handle its ergonomic when you used for book reading. the hold works well for tight space, specially when watching for long hrs, cool also for chefs tablet are out of the way when woking

  4. Chopsticks [Official]
    Chopsticks [Official] says:

    Hey @Lon Seidman
    I am looking for a good 150 – 270 Euro Tablet, Ofcourse the cheaper the better.
    Is this one great and super fast for Scrolling browsing, Facebooking and a very smooth experience in netflix and pathe (Movie website), Instagram and Twitter.. Snapchat ETC?
    And a few simple games like Flappy bird dont touch the spikes ( ketchapp games)

    I really do hope so

    Waiting on your response.

    – Thomas.


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