Lenovo Tab E 10" Tablet Review - Unusably Slow


I bought the Lenovo Tab E 10″ Android Tablet just to have a cheap tablet to use at school for taking notes, but it ended up being a piece of junk. It is EXTREMELY slow to the point where it can barely handle web browsing and freezes if more than one tab is opened. Many apps will not work because the CPU is only 32 bit. I was not expecting great performance for $130, but for $60 more you can buy a much nicer tablet with 3 times the CPU performance and better specs elsewhere too.

My video about the $30 smartphone that the tablet has similar performance to:

If you really want to buy this super slow tablet, you can buy it here:

A few much nicer tablets with better displays and faster CPUs to choose from:

Huawei MediaPad T5:

Amazon Fire 7:

Samsung Galaxy Tab A:



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