Lego Marvel Super Heroes: Universe in Peril | iOS iPhone / iPad Gameplay Review -


Lego Marvel Super Heroes: Universe in Peril | iOS iPhone / iPad Gameplay Review.
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  1. Viviacon
    Viviacon says:

    why didnt i look this up before buying it mostly came for the character collecting which they removed with the hubworld noticed it was gone firstly because theres 45 levels and you get 10 gold bricks on each (max) and theres only 450 goldbricks in total
    and also that theres 95 characters and you get 2 characters per level one for finishing the level and one for doing the multichallenge so yeh thats disapointing finished the game in 2 days i woulde have bought it for pc or console if i had any lol

  2. MadTim
    MadTim says:

    A $5 game with tons of pay walls…. This needs to end. You can have a free to play game with pay walls or a game you buy for full price with out pay walls. You don't get both.

  3. xBrandon 24
    xBrandon 24 says:

    Even though I luv playing ios games so much I spend 20 hours on angry birds but ill never buy a Lego game on ios unless its free because if a app is free wether I use it or not ill download it because in a year or 2 the app will be pad again but I won't hav to pay for it again
    LEGO MS 6/10

  4. ToraydoBull
    ToraydoBull says:

    I'm still in the midst of playing the Mac version and after seeing the gameplay for the iOS version, I have to say, I'm glad I did not hit the buy button for this, no matter how much I love the game.

  5. RandomRandomMan
    RandomRandomMan says:

    I don't get the complaints with the controls. These controls are the EXACT SAME as the ones in LEGO Batman: DC Super Heroes, albeit tinted red here and blue there. These similarly go for LEGO Lord of the Rings. This control set is just one of two, Classic and Touch, and you're supposed to use them separately, not together as the reviewer complained of using two finger swipes in tandem with the Classic controls. Also, the gameplay seems very reminiscent of LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4 for iOS because of an isometric view and that was utilized well. The bottom line is that these controls and gameplay are the same as other LEGO games for iOS.

  6. Null Null
    Null Null says:

    I disagree with your review, I really am enjoying this game. True, the fact that the game implements features like in-app purchases is annoying, but the gameplay is quite enjoyable, the camera angle is made specifically for tablets, mobile phones, and portable consoles (Nintendo 3DS, DS, and PlayStation Vita). While the Hub world has been taken down, it is easier to access the missions, and the support character (Whom you are able to control by tapping on your character icon) is chosen before you start playing the level. This game is different from the console version, and other lego games, a good example being LEGO Lord of the Rings, this game had a semi-open world, in which you travel from one small area to another, and is a clear example of the potential LEGO games have for mobile devices and portable consoles. Unfortunately, controlling the camera in LEGO LOTR is quite hard, and the game makes up for it by making the camera follow you from behind if you start moving. Nonetheless, LEGO Marvel Super Heroes for iOS is very good, and has achieved what I expected of it, allowing me to play the game while I'm not home, where I can play it with my trusty PC. 7/10


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