KZ S2 TWS Review - They FIXED the BT!


KZ have just released their latest TWS earphones on Indiegogo. Check out the written review too – I recorded the call quality but forgot to add it in the video!

Written review:—tws-for-peanuts/

Prime Audio Reviews official website:


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KZ S2 Indiegogo campaign

Top 5 Sub $100 Earphones:
RevoNext QT2s
Tin Hifi T2
KZ ZS10 Pro
KBEAR Diamond

Hall Of Fame Earphones:
Moondrop Starfield
iBasso IT01s
DUNU DK-2001
DUNU DK-3001 Pro
Queen Audio QM50
Fearless S8F
Sennheiser IE800S

Hall Of Fame Headphones:
Superlux HD668B
Meze 99 Classics
Hifiman Sundara
Beyerdynamic DT990 Pro

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  1. HiFi Dreams
    HiFi Dreams says:

    Thank you for the review/recommendation! I was skeptical of the bass from BGGAR but I'm glad to hear they sound detailed and the bass is good! Scared of the treble a bit but now I kinda want to take the risk. Haha, LOVE your reviews, TY!

    AAC should be fine TBH unless latency needs to be low.. and $29! Stonks.

    This is the only review so far that excited me about these. Haha


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