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The Kurio Smart 2 in 1 is an Android 10 inch talet that comes with a detachable keyboard to create a smart mini computer for your teens and tweens to do homework and stay entertained with ease. Our parent blogger Adele Jennings and her son Jacob have reviewed the tablet to show you the key features and how it can benefit your child. Make sure to check out our site to find out what topics you need to talk to your child about before you hand them over any internet-enabled device: https://www.internetmatters.org/advice/

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For more advice on the tablet visit https://kurioworld.com/uk/products/kurio-smart-2-in-1/

Visit https://www.internetmatters.org/parental-controls for over 70 parental control how-to guides for major networks, devices, services and entertainment providers in your home.

📚 Summary of key features
– Apps available: Pre-loaded WPS office comprises of word processor, presentation tool, spreadsheet and more, and fully compatible with other Microsoft/Google Docs
– Parental controls: Time controls, app management, automatically filters out 32 billion webpages
– Space on the tablet: The tablet includes 16GB of storage + 256GB of expandable memory

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