Kurio 4s Kids Tablet Video Review


See the best kids tablet website for full reviews, written and video, on http://kidstabletwifi.com We also have a comments section for questions, comparison shopping, much more. This is my Kurio 4s kids tablet video review walking you through an intro, what’s included, specs, and content that is preloaded.



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  1. PInkBAcon
    PInkBAcon says:

    how do I take screenshots, because when I want to take one and I don't know how. then when I don't want one. It takes one. How Do I Take Screenshots

  2. New to this
    New to this says:

    Hi, can you prolong the battery life on this at all or will it last longer once I've finished installing apps?
    Also can you adjust screen timeout options?
    And how do you uninstall apps that do not have the uninstall option like other apps?

  3. mysirius1000
    mysirius1000 says:

    Bought one at walmart for $25.00. I didn't expect much but was pleasantly surprised by its performance. I deleted the kid apps and the parental control and downloaded with much difficulty Google play which enhanced its value. The downside of the device is that with headsets you only hear out of one earbud and the SD card wouldn't seat in the slot. Otherwise it's a good deal for $26.68 out the door.

  4. GuILty718
    GuILty718 says:

    I wish I could slap fire out of every single one of you over 4 years old, in the comments. This is not for adults. GTFOH with your Netflix, Playlist, cryphone comparisons, etc. The thirst is real. IT'S NOT FOR ADULTS! Dumb asses. 

  5. Nicholas Elizondo
    Nicholas Elizondo says:

    I USE to have a kurio they do have android ap store but you have to upgrade the system in my defense I did not like the experience with it but it is really good for childrens edication


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