Korg Module - The Epic Guide for iPad


You can get Korg Module here at the app store.

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  1. Vocalead
    Vocalead says:

    Hi. Great video, thanks. I have a couple of questions. 1. Will the app allow to change number of pitchbend semi-tones? 2. Can you make the synths mono/poly? (For playing with leads). Thanks!

  2. VictorSteiner
    VictorSteiner says:

    Is there no way to play this with software keys like MF keyboard? It doesn‘t show as a Midi in device in audiobus? And is there ni 2d version of the keys like on the iPhone version?

  3. Purplex Borg
    Purplex Borg says:

    At $40 it’s stupidly overpriced by market standards. It’s on sale @ $20 now, but I already have similar stuff I got elsewhere. It’s so expensive you’re kind of looking what sets it apart. There’s nothing unique about it or “sought after“ type of thing. I like the piano section, but you have to put that in perspective which is *its the most sampled/modeled instrument in the world*! If I was to buy it tough, that would be for pianos. The rest of the stuff, especially synth sounding ones are best suited for the actual synthesizer app where there’s more freedom to experiment. This thing should cost $15-$20 and I would buy it for $10 on sale.

  4. Martyn Starkey
    Martyn Starkey says:

    Are all these sounds part of the basic Korg Module (over 16 or so pianos – some layered with strings etc) or do I need to add expansion packs – another video on youtube suggested sounds could only be layered if you had Gadget installed as well?

  5. Joe Percival
    Joe Percival says:

    I spent some time last night trying to get Korg Module to accept Core Midi input from another app.  I failed.  While Module woud show up as a midi destination in the other app (like ThumbJam), I could not find a way to enable background audio for Korg Module.  I sent an email to Korg support asking about Core Midi support (which is not mentioned in the Manual BTW).

  6. Nicholas Peper
    Nicholas Peper says:

    Thanks for doing this demo of the Korg Module. I'll be purchasing the app to run on my iPad Air 2 64GB before the introductory sale ends and was really hoping that someone would do a more in depth video than what's contained on the Korg website. I had a request and some questions for you. When you have a chance, could you please show us how to Save a customized Preset into the User bank? Which generation iPad are you running the app on? When playing lots of notes and using the sustain pedal, do you hear any obvious voice robbing i.e. voices cutting off? Is the app limited to landscape mode or will it also work in portrait mode? Thanks in advance if you have the time or inclination to respond to my post.

  7. mCKENIC
    mCKENIC says:

    Thank you Doug! Im still on 7 and wouldnt have anything near the chops you showed here so I kind of ignored this… I was not expecting the quality of the instruments to be this good! Ive played VSTs from big companies that dont sound as sweet – and all in an iPad size package! Woah!


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