Join Zoom from a Guests point of view on iPad - Tablet


Zoom Guest View from iPad – Tablet . Do you want to see what it is like from the guests point of view inside a Zoom meeting? Here is Live video showing you just that.
••••• iPad •••••
3:24 on an iPad as a guest
4:22 Speaker view and Gallery view (iPad)
5:11 Join Audio and Video (iPad)
6:13 Share content (iPad)
7:30 Participants (iPad)
8:20 Chat (iPad)
11:03 Non-verbal feedback (iPad)
14:18 Leave meeting
15:00 Show more guests in guest view
••••• Android Tablet •••••
23:24 Android Tablet as a guest in a Zoom Meeting
24:11 The Dots at the bottom to show changing views [ single view/speaker view, gallery view, mute mic ] (Tablet)
26:34 Mute audio and Video
28:05 Share Screen (Tablet)
29:45 Participants (Tablet)
30:30 Chats (Tablet) chat with Everyone and Individuals
NOTE: Host can turn the option off for Chat between the participants
31:08 Non-verbal notifications (Tablet)
32:25 More •• (Tablet)
33:12 Close the More window (Tablet)
33:49 Leave (Tablet) This is how you leave the Zoom meeting.
34:39 Guest View with more than just two folks (multiple people)
NOTE: Left Dot is Mute – 2nd Dot is Single view – Every other dot is quad screen (4 per screen)
35:30 You will see the 4th dot appear to show the extra folks
44:05 We decided to create a chromebook video separate (card)
45:15 The video goes sour, so we created another video showing the Android Phone and Computer guests see here:


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