JG&T.TV Jake Reviews Stuff! EP 01 -The Metrovac Datavac ED500 Electric Duster


JG&T.TV Jake Reviews Stuff! EP 01 -The Metrovac Datavac ED500 Electric Duster

A bit of an older video I did a while ago, video still holds up and everything about this product is still accurate, I’m still using mine and it’s great!

The reason I’m posting something a bit older is because I’ve been very busy and I want to keep up with my channel, but at the same time I’m just taking a bit of a break, work was super busy and now I’m on vacation so now I’m using this time to do some spring cleaning and purging my apartment of old stuff and spending some time with my wife. When both me and my wife are working our normal schedules we almost never see each other since we work opposite schedules.

Will be uploading some PokeMMO Videos, Pokémon TCG Videos, Pokémon News, and Some Ni No Kuni Let’s Play Videos Soon!

Anyway, about the product!

Metro ED500 DataVac 500-Watt 120 volt 0.75-HP Electric Blower Duster

Sturdy all-steel construction. Please note: This item is a blower, NOT a vaccuum.

Includes air pin-pointer, air concentrator nozzle, air -flare nozzle, micro-cleaning tool kit

More effective than canned air and safer than canned air

500 watt motor, .75 HP, 4.5 amps, 70 CFM air flow
120 volt (not for use in 220 or 230-volt current).

You can pick one up of your own here:


Official Product Website, Specs, Purchase Page: https://metrovac.com/collections/electronics-it/products/datavac-electric-duster

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