Is the Pocophone F1 Phone Legit? Matte Black AirPods? Ask MKBHD V31!


August has been nuts. We gotta lot to talk about!

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  1. Banjoe, Traveler
    Banjoe, Traveler says:

    Even turning the Red on to demonstrate it's a camera wouldn't be enough for TSA, that must've been nerve wrecking. I always tell people a good estimate is that for every minute of video it takes one hour to produce and edit it. Does that sound about right?

  2. Miroslav Majstorovic
    Miroslav Majstorovic says:

    The best part of this video was the last question.

    To the "untrained" YT visitor, I guess it might seem like its a "dream job", to be a YouTube content creator, and that it seems fairly easy and not very time-consuming to put out content of high-quality on a regular basis.

    I'm no content creator, but since around 2 years ago, YT is probably my main source of entertainment, and by that I do not simply mean it in the sense that it's a place to kill time, but to me it's a great source of all of the stuff that interest me and keep my brain going….science, history, philosophy, religion, debates and lectures, tech industry, gaming, music and of course occasional goofy and nerdy stuff, I mean, you name it.

    And the more I watch the more I realize just how much work people put in for the final result and how much of it is "hidden" from us. I would never have the patience and discipline to produce such an output on a regular basis, so I admire the people that do.

    So I guess what I want to say is that I am thankful that people like you and the rest of my favorite YouTubers, as well as those who I am yet to come across, are working hard and giving your best to produce high quality content for the rest of us!

  3. Gerald Willis
    Gerald Willis says:

    Thanks for nothing, can’t buy from your site, just a campaign for raising money for products that aren’t available.
    I’m not going to support your channel or campaign.


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