iRULU X1S 7" Google Android 4.4 KitKat Tablet Review


This iRulu budget based tablet packs a lot of features into this very affordable tablet package. Not only do you get the tablet, you also get a USB based keyboard case! Do Not Buy This Tablet If You Are Expecting An iPad Experience!!!

PRICE: $51.99

I need to put this first… this is a very, very affordable tablet package (tablet and keyboard). It’s less than $52 for both! Knowing this, also understand this is not an iPad!!! So please do not expect the same level of performance! My review is based on what you get for your money.

This iRulu 7″ tablet does come with all the core Google apps pre-installed for you out of the box… Google Play Store, Google, Gmail, Google Maps, Google Hangouts, etc. This is really awesome! Many other budget tablets in this category do not include these apps out of the box.

It packs 16GB of internal memory. This is usually enough for most users, especially at this price point. It has a Quad core processor. It is not lightning fast… but it gets the job done. It only has 512MB of RAM… so do not expect crazy multitasking.

The tablet experience itself is good…. going from app to app. Its not fast, its not slow. But again, it works.

The display is kind of dim, even with the display brightness cranked all the way up.

The built in cameras are really very weak. They work, just not great. Do not get this tablet to take photos.

The bottom line is that there is a LOT to really like in this tablet. This is a great device to give someone in grade school who will likely damage a more expensive device. There are a few short comings, but I do not count them as short comings because of the price of the tablet. I truly believe you are getting a LOT for your money with this device.

– PRICE!!!
– Includes Google Core Apps (Play Store, Gmail, Google Maps, Hangouts, etc).
– Keyboard performs well.
– Nice case included.

– 2MP Camera is pretty weak.
– .3MP fron camera is really weak.
– Plastic screen (not glass) smudges easily
– Dim display.



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  1. Forget your Vanity
    Forget your Vanity says:

    Hey I was was thinking of buying my mom a tablet, shes not very good with technology and she just wants device simply to play some card games like solitaire, hearts, spider solitaire. maybe ill get her into candy crush and angry birds and she wants to get on facebook. would this device be good enough to match those needs.
    I mean its just a normal tablet that can download basic apps right?

  2. Obscure Media
    Obscure Media says:

    Seems like a great deal for $40 (at least on Amazon rn). I need something for youtube listening (podcasts only on youtube, movie commentaries, longer videos and reviews etc.), light gaming with 2D games, plus it has a keyboard for google docs and blogging and such. Probably will pick this up with some extra xmas money. Nice review, man! iRulu has a really good looking Surface inspired windows tablet too


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