IRulu 10" Android Tablet Review [x10 or x1043]



iRulu is offering this 10 inch android tablet for $99. This tablet has a quad core processor, with access to Google play, lots of games, lots of applications, has Wi-Fi and accessibility to Bluetooth devices. The information I was getting from iRulu was this was going to be on sale for a while for kids going back to school and that makes perfect sense.



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    Only 512mb RAM, you forgot to metion this most frippling deficiency in this tablet. I do like hover that tge put all the switches an plugins and ports on onevedge…. hopefully the top… other tablet manufactureres need to get a clue about this

  2. dapostusa
    dapostusa says:

    After being completly burned on a POS IRULU AX101 I would never purchase anything from them again.
    Only used 2 mo. but stopped because of hangups, slow loading and unresposive touch screen.
    Took it out sometime later and after a factory reset, it is now a brick with the IRULU load screen only.
    POS IRULU.   All I can consider is that they gave you one for free to review.

  3. Paul Weaver
    Paul Weaver says:

    Hello Mr Henry,
        I have the same machine but can't find the screenshot setup OR the on screen icon on the bottom..  ALSO, how do you get the speaker icons on the bottom?  FASTER HINT: To make the machine REALLY faster…just disable some of the built in apps that you don't need (can't uninstall them).   PAWZONA

  4. Sørine
    Sørine says:

    bullshit 8gb of internal storage i got this irulu tablet and noticed that this only has 0.98gb of internal storage i get like 4 apps and then i cant download anything else due to insufficient space is there any way to fix that??

  5. Sabrina Kendall
    Sabrina Kendall says:

    How can I get my iRulu to download apps to the empty 16gb micro sd card that I have in the tablet?  Says I have no more internal room and I need to remove some of my existing apps!  Help….
    Owner of the iRulu X1s 10.1" Quad Core 16GB Android 4.4 KitKat OS.

  6. ty g
    ty g says:

    I bought one, received today, well working at first, now I can't open it any more, the ask me for something, probably a password, I created one but they don't want it, so I would like to know what they want exactly ! I'm really upset against myself cause now I don't know what to do ………. do you think you can help me ? It's a small one for my kid, AX765 do you know it ? 


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