iPhone XR Review: No Need to Panic!


iPhone XR: The one most people should get. Unless you’re a pixel peeper. Like me!

iPhone Xs Review: https://youtu.be/YAF9BWpzwvI

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  1. Brandon Browere
    Brandon Browere says:

    I now feel much better after watching this cus I jus bought the XR and was unsure of what to expect. You summed it up perfectly, and I know now not to panic, no bullshit. Lol great video my friend

  2. Angel Scarlett
    Angel Scarlett says:

    i really wanted the X or the XS but the XR was on sale with my phone provider so i decided to order it since my iphone 7 plus is the worst phone i’ve ever had! ( doesn’t charge anymore, speaker stopped working can’t answer calls ) the X was a little to small for my preference anyways

  3. Lucien Luyt
    Lucien Luyt says:

    Mr. Brownlee, you are probably the best reviewer, not come across anyone better. Always a pleasure to watch and afterward I'm in no doubt about the product.

  4. Garret Zenanko
    Garret Zenanko says:

    I upgraded from the 8 to the Xr because it was so slippery I thought after this breaks you’d wish you downgraded to the se because you could go through 7 of them for the same cost. Life is so much better with the 3.5 jack & Less radiation exposure I wasn’t aware of how much subconscious stress you have about breaking these glass phones.


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