iPhone 6 Plus #BendGate: Explained!


iPhone 6 Plus bending stories have taken over the internet. Here’s what you need to know!

iPhone 6 Plus Bend Test (UnboxTherapy): http://youtu.be/znK652H6yQM

Using a case on the iPhone 6 Plus (TLD): http://youtu.be/aUqyu2ZNo5o

Video Gear I use: http://amzn.com/lm/R3B571T7PT4PWM

Intro Track: Deadmau5 – Slow Down, Start Over




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  1. DarkVengeance
    DarkVengeance says:

    I dont like apple but I found a iphone 6 for free sure enough its touch screen goes in and out sometimes work sometimes does not untill I noticed the bend to it which i confirmed by it being a sea saw on my table

  2. Todd Gorman
    Todd Gorman says:

    This is more serious than they are saying. Mine is as flat as you can say.. and yet.. SPRINT say is will not replace my battery because it is bent. I put in on a flat desk.. and it has maybe a .01cm twist to it. At best. And yet SPRINT refused to replace the batter. Headed to the Apple Store to be sure.

  3. Julius Torre
    Julius Torre says:

    If you know even all ipad bends a Lot. Except the 2015 and new ipad. It not a trend back then. Try it on your ipad and push it at the back and look at the screen. You will see it

  4. Lily Atik
    Lily Atik says:

    Guys if you don't want your iPhone to bend then don't purposely try and bend you phone to check if it works also don't test it also by putting it in your pocket wearing freaking tight jeans or skinny jeans testing that.Also put. In a safe place like in you handbag or book bag or in those bracelets that hold your phone or TRY NOT TO SHOW OFF YOUR THIN IPHONE AND PUT IT IN A CASE,that's what I do

    There I have explained it my way

  5. Fierro
    Fierro says:

    When I bought an iPhone 6 it bent in my front pocket. I had no idea of bendgate and I don’t wear tight pants. One day I noticed a bend by the volume buttons. Apple store replaced it but told me only this one time. I was SO careful with my new iPhone. Now rocking a 6s Plus. Still love it. The 6 was slow. Lol


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