iPhone 11 Review 6 Months Later (2020): Do I Regret Buying It?


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  1. MaxGaming LV
    MaxGaming LV says:

    I use the standart charger. Heavy use troughout the day. Have had iPhone 11 since November 22nd. Still 100% Battery Life. And yes i’m updated to 13.4.1. Lower wattage is «healthy» for the battery 🙂
    I always go down to about 15% battery every day. I also use the optimized charging. Charge to 80% and finish when i need it.

  2. Oliver Jia
    Oliver Jia says:

    I’m glad to know that my iPhone 11 isn’t the only one at 94-95% battery capacity after six months. It it gets below 90% before the warranty expires, I might consider getting the battery serviced by Apple.

  3. Greg
    Greg says:

    After more than a year with my S9+, last week I gave it away and I went back to using my old Samsung S8 because I don't need a giant phone. I'd love to get an Apple but premium prices require premium components.

  4. 3MAR00SS
    3MAR00SS says:

    600$ is the most anyone should pay for an iPhone even the 11 pro max sea sports it's a phone (almost)
    this phone is a scam that screen sucks, a big notch and a really bad resolution .•°(ಥ▽ಥ)ノシ°•. my father's 5 years old note 5 is a better phone like come on

  5. Mark Steele
    Mark Steele says:

    I hold onto the iPhone 11, I have had it since January 2020. Its been a great phone, never a need for all the plus stuff and max, but I do use it all day long with itunes and ear buds. Battery is better then I ever hoped, and my battery is still 100%. I use the wireless pad to charge at night, and hope to have it for several years. Great review, and I am happy I decided on the right model. Wash your hands 🙌🙌, and anything else that might be Dirty. Peace out. ✌✌

  6. JH Entertainment
    JH Entertainment says:

    6:55 my 11 Pro Max is still at 99% and I’ve used the USB Fast Charger that came with it and I wirelessly charged frequently in the first couple of months and I’ve had and used it since early October.


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