iPhone 11 Pro Max Review: Google should be Embarrassed!


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37 replies
  1. Trim world
    Trim world says:

    The face id unlock… Now I swear he was defending it to extreme lengths in a past video.. And now it's 'can we jump straight into the phone' This guy is so flakey. Hang on he didn't mention Google in that plea.. This guy😂

  2. starrider
    starrider says:

    So drew mentioned in another video the 11 max is the only one with 6 gb ram not even the pro 11 only 4, read it in different write ups now, also have a tv named almost like pro 11 if you take out the 5 its called a pro 151 anyone know the name by chance? And its 600 hz refresh rate. Gonna last 20 years or more bought in 2009.

  3. Matthias Regula
    Matthias Regula says:

    I dont understand this fanboyism on both sides! I see it from a clear viewpoint: apple is too expensive. I get android phones for a few hundred bucks less, with which i can do so much more. On iOS in the 13th version i still cant place icobs where i want, theres still no app launcher and customization. The only advantage from iPhones: the perfect backup. Everything else is years behind android…

  4. Poetic Mess
    Poetic Mess says:

    As an Android user I am impressed with the iPhone 11 Pro. I actually want the phone and not because it's an apple product. I do feel like Apple is heading in the right direction. Yes. The phone is a lot of money but I am welling to pay the price tag if it means I can hold on to the phone for four or five years with regular security updates and the extra privacy and protection it provides. My friend got the iPhone 11 Pro Max in Gold and she let me use it for a day to let see if I liked the IOS software. I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and although I do think the phone is a beast the IOS software is 10X more powerful. I don't know how to explain this but when using the iPhone it felt like butter. All the animations were smooth. There was no apps crashing. Oh! And the apps on IOS were much fluid and seamless. The screen, the battery life, the sound – just everything in general about the phone I fell in love with. I think it's time for me to upgrade.

  5. Sun Sean Hong
    Sun Sean Hong says:

    Ughh no more camera reviews please. For god sakes how many average consumer even care. Can Steve Jobs daughter please take over Apple. Maybe her father’s creativity lives within her. Much as I love Apple products, every year I find my self being a little less excited about the latest iteration. Apple products are starting to remind me of SONY Walkmans in its’ heyday (wow, I’m old). No longer do I feel the excitement because it lost that wow factor.

  6. randfee
    randfee says:

    seriously? The triple camera has 'no limitations'? The Ultrawide shoots no RAW and can't do the night-mode. That's pretty 'pro'…. :-/
    Most people, you included, don't seem to get, that it's not three 'lenses' but three entire camera systems. Each is different and Apple decded to add a crippled camera system as the ultrawide. Why not add the same sensor quality to all three cameras? The 'wide' camera (the middle focal length one) has the far better sensor…. why? –> again… very 'pro' to not just add the same good sensor to all three… that would add like 30 bucks… ouch…

  7. Alan Znowski
    Alan Znowski says:

    Apple should be embarrassed the crap screens which scratch so easily. Check out Apple forums or Flossy Carter's real review on the iPhone 11 Pro Max. Utter disgrace. People in glass houses etc!


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