iPhone 11 Pro Impressions: What a Name!


iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max – If you ignore the name, this is a pretty impressive phone.

iPhone 11 Impressions: https://youtu.be/UVpJouUyLBM

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  1. neitherlink
    neitherlink says:

    To be fair, we’ve reached a point in which the only thing you can do to “change” the design is either make a smaller notch or move the cameras around. Apple can’t remove the notch because of the sensors that are in it and it already “changed” the camera layout (wether it’s pretty or not that is a different matter), I don’t know what more do people want for Apple to change design-wise.

  2. Mzwandile Harmans
    Mzwandile Harmans says:

    We don’t need under screen finger print scanner on an iPhone, Face ID is all we need, it’s an expensive feature and more secure. That front camera is great. I can’t wait for comparisons and I believe these iPhones will own cameras, performance and software efficiency as always in 2019.

  3. David Gatt
    David Gatt says:

    too much for specs that are 3 years old .. why do apple do that , why do they put an " old" phone as new out.. mainly cause they can , and people will by it.. not cause its a better phone , but cause the finish and the fact its an Iphone 11 .. next one up ..


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