iPadOS Public Beta First Look | Turning Your iPad Into A Laptop


This fall, iOS — the operating system on Apple’s iPhones — will no longer be the same as the operating system on iPads. Apple’s popular tablets will run iPadOS, instead. At the moment, the two systems are similar because most iPadOS features are the same as what’s in the forthcoming iOS 13 update. But it’s easy to see change is afoot.

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  1. Bill Rodgers
    Bill Rodgers says:

    Should have mentioned how to bring up Search which is missing from the sidebar- swipe from top of screen on the Home page (not absolute top like for notifications). It took me a while to find that.

  2. Evolve Daily
    Evolve Daily says:

    I’m editing my 4K videos @60fps on Lumafusion and it works like Magic!!! 🧙🏻‍♂️ My laptop feels like a heavy HDD. Love the new iPados beta! ❤️ i feel Relaxed when i connect my OTG 🤩 and the dark mode is comfortable to the eyes 😌 everything is so easy now like Android+Windows 😍 can’t wait for the final update! 😇 go for it! Its a powerful tool in 2019! #iloveipados #ipados

  3. Mohammed Moin Uddin
    Mohammed Moin Uddin says:

    For normal operation it is ok. But apps to apps it varies. It shows not a lot but a million bugs. I don't think Apple can finish it by September. And if they do so it will be followed by lot of bug fixes. I don't know why people are praising it so much. It's just a new template not an OS.

  4. Michael  Hughes
    Michael Hughes says:

    Here’s an iPad tip to put the curser exactly where you want it on iOS 12.3.1

    Easily edit text
    Press and hold the space bar (or two fingers anywhere on the keyboard) and wait for the keyboard to disappear; and then slide to place the insertion point. And then two fingers at once anywhere on keyboard and wait a little longer (Dots appear at top and bottom of curser) to drag and highlight for copy or cut.

  5. Romeos Sandorini
    Romeos Sandorini says:

    Question: in 20 days I get my brand new iPad Pro 12.9 (256GB, LTE, 2017 Model). Since it has lightning port, I will be able to enjoy full external hard drive experience as guys with iPad pro 2018 USB type C can? Thanks !!!

    Note: I sold my Samsung tab S4 with s pen and keyboard case added $350 and ordered the iPad for the bigger screen and more performance juice versus Snapdragon 835, good decision?

  6. Anke Kartheekkumar
    Anke Kartheekkumar says:

    What ever your said is 👌👌
    But all are other doing the same
    I.e reviewing ipad os on ipad pro
    There are other ipads are also there like budget ipad(6th gen) ipad mini like
    So please review the ipad os on these devices

  7. Vacho Pahlevanyan
    Vacho Pahlevanyan says:

    guys we need to use iphone as a 3d touch steering wheel for pc racing games just share or play grid autosport on iphone 8,10,11 with tilt pro setting and performance graphics and you will get what im talking about just share

  8. Michael Fox
    Michael Fox says:

    Excellent video. I've watched a few of these, and yours did a particularly good job at exploring the use of a mouse through accessibility. I downloaded the iPad OS public beta last night and spent a few hours with it on my 2019 iPad Air (I made a backup of first while still in iOS 12, just in case.) I'm glad I did. So far I have experienced very few glitches and none were killers. It does use more battery life than iOS 12, but I was warned about that and it isn't serious enough to have me switching back. I'm sure that this will be fixed in updates. The only app that wouldn't work at all for me is Mendeley (a reference manager). MS online apps work, but I couldn't get two files of the same type to run simultaneously (e.g. two Word files side by side). I'm sure Microsoft will fix this in time for the final version release.


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