iPadOS Beta | Should You Upgrade NOW? Or Wait? | iPad Pro + iPadOS


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So you’re an iPad user. You have the Pro, the mini 5, the Air, the 2018… and you want to get the most out of it with the iPadOS (public) Beta. But is the upgrade worth the potential bugs and issues you might run into? Does beta = bad?

In this video I tell of my experience with the current iPadOS Beta 8, and the many iPadOS Beta versions before it. I conclude that at this point that if you aren’t doing anything super professional (i.e. not making a living using your iPad with an app you know for sure works with iOS 12), you should be fine to upgrade early!

I demonstrate every tasks like note-taking, drawing, YouTube watching, email, video editing with the iPadOS Beta.



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  1. Michael Fox
    Michael Fox says:

    I'm using the beta on an iPad Air 3 and I haven't had any problem running Pages, other than it won't run two windows of itself at the same time. Same goes for Numbers and Keynote.

  2. Izzyreal?
    Izzyreal? says:

    I just got my new mini and the first thing I did was download the beta onto it. I’ve only got one annoying bug and it’s when I try using messages in side view, it won’t load otherwise it’s perfectly fine.

  3. Anthony Martin
    Anthony Martin says:

    Curious. Pages seems to work fine on my iPad Mini 5 (running the latest beta iPadOS). I see the red badge over your settings icon. Maybe its time you got the latest beta (I'm not suggesting that fixed my copy as I don't use Pages that much).

  4. Nutsacker 🥜💼
    Nutsacker 🥜💼 says:

    I had earlier betas of iPad OS installed. I got up to PB5 and went back to iOS 12.4. My bluetooth keyboard kept lagging and I was going crazy trying to type. I will wait for the official release before I go back to iPadOS even though I loved it.

  5. Affordable Tech
    Affordable Tech says:

    Haven’t had any problems with lumafusion either! Currently uploading a video I edited on it showcasing ipad OS on the 6th gen iPad, hoping it turned out well. Taking tips from your video quality for sure! Thanks, Noah!

  6. Affordable Tech
    Affordable Tech says:

    Have had the beta on both my iPhone & iPad for a few months. Definitely plenty of bugs. In fact, currently my photo editing app is crashing every time I try to add text lol. Totally agree that it is fine for common uses though.

  7. MrArthas96
    MrArthas96 says:

    iPad Pro 10.5” owner here, it’s everything I wanted the update to be. The game changer is Files because you can move files BOTH ON AND OFF the iPad. That’s game changer alone. The enhancements to Apple Pencil are just lovely, it feels much smoother in operation in some of the art apps I use. The share sheet update is nice and Photos finally feels modern. It’s a great first debut for this very obvious fork of iOS. It gives me hope that the iPad is finally going to go head to head with the Mac

  8. eray tezcan
    eray tezcan says:

    They could Not fix a serious issue that apppears when you Open the files to scan documents. You can scan documents up to 24 sheets but if you reach 24, you cant save them you should. You have to close files many times to do it. Furthermore, if you press and hold a file no matter which it copies it several Time. You can control it. I wanted to drag and drop files without getting several files that are the same. It copies itself without permission…

  9. Shan Mohammed
    Shan Mohammed says:

    I am little wary of the battery life as I heard it’s pretty bad. Just a couple of weeks more and hopefully Apple will fix everything on the final release.

    Thanks for the video, Noah!

  10. Porselvam vijay
    Porselvam vijay says:

    Never installed a beta before.
    Question: Will there be any issues while upgrading to the official release from beta? Will I able to continue with all the apps I have installed in the beta? Thanks

  11. Daniel Fernandez
    Daniel Fernandez says:

    For most apple apps I had to go to settings, general, iPad storage, find the app that’s not working, offload the app and reinstalled it. Fixed all my apps that weren’t working in the beta

  12. AC - 3
    AC - 3 says:

    NOAH I have a professional question for you – I am a self produced electronica indie recording artist (music) I have a 4 song ep releasing 09/09/2019 – the song are mid to up temp, except for one which is very atmospheric & ambient – my question is this I have a GO PRO 7 BLACK
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