iPad - the only tablet worth buying


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The iPad has been great lately, Android tablets… not so much. In fact, I would argue that the iPad is really the only tablet worth buying at the moment. Let’s discuss why.

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46 replies
  1. Tobiáš Jaura
    Tobiáš Jaura says:

    I reallly agree with you, that iPads are the only good tablets, cause I had a lot of android tablets and every single one was bad. My iPad on the other side was great. Now Im using Acer chromebook R11 and I am very happy!

  2. Dan Hutchinson
    Dan Hutchinson says:

    I most definitely agree with you I had the original Samsung galaxy Tab s 8.4" and it rebooted constantly and it drove me nuts I currently have the iPad pro 12.9" and it has worked perfectly as soon as I unboxed it

  3. stevecool21IsCool
    stevecool21IsCool says:

    I really want an iPad. It's the ultimate device. Simple to Use and love all the apps. Big and light. I'm an tech fan and a consumer and gamer . But heck heck I want to draw and edit too . I'm saving and I don't know if I should buy the Mobile data . It's an expensive device but I will love it

  4. anh
    anh says:

    i have an ipad air 2 and ive had it for about 5 years (abt to be 6 in some months)

    it have some cracks and a hole in a corner (my fault & my brother) but ive done some pretty terrible accidental things to my like accidentally dropping it or a few times (very rare) push it against the wall (when i trip) and it still havent break.

    also it sometime freeze which can be annoying but i guess thats my only issue with it

  5. Orion Nebula
    Orion Nebula says:

    I am officialy switching from samsung tablets to ipads.
    I ordered two iPad Air 1's for me and my sister.
    What made me switch:
    1.The long term support
    2.The specs
    3.The long time lasting
    5.Much less lag
    6.More for the price

    I am switching from a Samsung Galaxy Tab E which was made in 2015, to iPad Air 1 which was made in 2013.
    From my experience the Air is much better than the Tab E.
    Plus the iPad Air 1 has been supported for 6 years now which is absurd.
    My Tab E was supported for 8 months.
    However if anyone out there wants to purchase a Samsung Galaxy Tab E, it is so and so at watching videos and sucks at gaming.

  6. Keith West
    Keith West says:

    Three reasons why android tablets still sell, one is value, you don't have to spend hundreds of dollars for a decent tablet to do basic things. The other reason is freedom from Apple restrictions and third is customizing your tablet in so many ways without rooting it.

  7. Nizar El Zarif
    Nizar El Zarif says:

    anyone who wants a tablet should either get an iPad, or a super budget android device (like fire devices from amazon). Higher-end and even mid-range Android tablets are not worth it.
    From the lack of optimized apps to non-existent software support, no after-sale service, poor resell value.
    the 2018 iPad can often on sale for 250, and sometimes can go as low as 230.
    It will outperform everything to expect the highest end android tablets I benchmarks, which providing better experience.

  8. n1fl3x
    n1fl3x says:

    I have a Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 and an iPad Air 3. I don‘t see why I should spend hundrets of Euros on a phone while my 200 Euro phone can do basically the same, but on the Tablet side, Apple is just superior

  9. KTSP
    KTSP says:

    Unlike some people I am fine with some of the old tech as I am not doing anything crazy with the device( 2010-2012 iMac,2012 MacBook Pro,2nd gen iPad, iPhone 5s-7)

  10. Royce 5’9 is the goat
    Royce 5’9 is the goat says:

    I'm on a tab S2 that I bought in 2016. Considering grabbing a 2019 iPad Air because Samsung's tab S5 is probably gonna be £600+ and the S5e is too slow, barely quicker than this which is about as quick as a 90s Camaro these days which is sad for something that was flagship in 2016

  11. Bry Weasley
    Bry Weasley says:

    Thx for the informative video. I've been seriously contemplating getting the 2018 iPad, especially now that they're on sale at Amazon & Walmart for $249! Whenever I hear about things people do on an iPad, I think back to having a Fire tablet, where I couldn't do those things. I could never even watch YouTube videos, as I don't have the patience to wait for buffering. I don't need a tablet, but my birthday money is burning a hole in my pocket & I think an iPad would be fun. Who knows; maybe I'll like the iPad enough to get me to convert to an iPhone next year. 🤔

  12. Douglas Rogers
    Douglas Rogers says:

    the only other tablets worth buying are the surfaces, but they are mostly laptops trying to replace tablets, not tablets tryin to replace laptops. the will either make more or less sense depending on your needs.

  13. Dylan T.
    Dylan T. says:

    I got a andriod phone been pleased since I got it I've had an I phone before but conseriding an andriod budget phone was my first smartphone im just more comfortable with the android OS it's not like couldn't get used to IOS again cause that I pad air looks pretty suiting to my needs and I've wanted a tablet for a while ever since I got to use a i pad mini for high school after I left school I knew I wanted a tablet and since the android tablet market just doesn't feel right for me I always knew I wanted an I pad it just feels better to me and it's the the thing apple has that I'm really proud of. To be clear I don't hate current I phones I think if your used to IOS why switch to android but I'm gonna stick to the phone I have cause once I get that I pad I won't feel this urge to go out and buy a new phone cause even tho i know ill get a new phone eventually the iPad is just gonna serve the need that I have for a new device.

  14. Serious Smashing
    Serious Smashing says:

    4:10 watch that part until it says “not much to go elsewhere if you own an iPhone”, as a former iPhone SE user (now I use a Sony phone and a iPad Air 2), I know the speakers, brightness level, and everything is better with the large display of an iPad. Watching movies on small apple phones that are still hits such as the 5S and SE and even the 5, is terrible compared to a large more bright and clear sounding movie on a iPad.

  15. Shubham Tripathi
    Shubham Tripathi says:

    You obviously have a point. But tell me, are iPad sales growing? Are people really buying more tablets (or even iPads)? No, tablets are a dying product category which have lost their sense of identity (most of them are trying to take the place of a laptop without really believing in the utility of its own form factor) where all useful innovation has died (looking at you, stupid styluses & super sized screens due to which tablets cannot be comfortably used with one hand or while on the go!)


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